April 27, 2009

Black Magnetic Chalkboard

I love this big black magnetic chalkboard sliding door by Christine Lane!

My sister has a big black magnetic board till the ceiling in her kitchen.

And I want one as sliding door for my son's playroom.

It will be fun to stick his drawings on it instead of just filing them somewhere. It will be fun for him and his friends to draw on it. It will be fun to play teacher and student. It will be fun to write poems on it. Maybe in Chinese characters. It will support our creativity and be decorative at the same time.

I researched chalkboards on google images and found so many nice ideas. Sfgirlbybay did a peak worthy chalkboard round-up.

Get inspired and DIY !
Get magnetic primer and chalk paint in green or black.
Make a bold statement on a wall in your home office, entrance, kitchen or kids room or loo. Let guests leave a comment.

Entrance of Front Hotel, Copenhagen via hyggehouse

April 20, 2009

Stacking bed for guests

There are two popular stacking beds made in Germany. The first and original one is the modular stacking bed (Stapelliege) designed by Rolf Heide in 1966, produced by Müller Möbelswerkstätten.

It is not only practical in a guestroom, but also for a kids room. We decided to take the short version of 1.90 m length for our son's room (because the room is so small). For future sleep overs he can accommodate his friends. Or when we have guests over night his room will transform into a guestroom.

As the stacking bed became so popular for kids the manufacturer now also provides it in colourful and real small sizes:

The alternative to Rolf Heide's 'Stapelliege' is the 'Lönneberga' bed designed by Alexander Seifried in 2007 for Richard Lampert.

At the furniture Messe in Cologne in January 2009 a low budget version in white was presented. It will be available soon:

The overall size of this bed is 2.10 m x 0.95. No shorter version is available.

BTW, the name of this young stacking bed comes from the famous Swedish character 'Emil of Lönneberga', a tale by famous kid book author Astrid Lindgren. All accessories have names from the tale like 'Alfred' the cushion that stores bedding and serves as backrest for a fine daybed.

This stacking bed is for our home in Germany. I am still busy with the fine tuning of its renovation. But hope to be back to the blog more often now. However I have no news on our 'Palazzo Project' for now. The outside is done. The inside to come.
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