June 29, 2009

Wrought Iron for Windows and Balconies

For those who are looking for wrought iron solutions for their windows or balconies, here are some samples from Italy, and one from Spain:

Beautiful iron grids for windows in Chioggia (VE)

wrought iron grids for round windows in Venice

Canal railing in Venice

wrought iron grating for windows, including the window above the entrance door, Venice

stunning facade in Venice

pretty eyes for a wooden door in Venice

unusual red, window protection in Venice, flick find via Donna Corless

entrance in Venice

entrance to a shop at Piazza San Marco, Venice

lattice above the Zegna shop in Venice

Roman iron by dmmaus via flickr

Beautiful wrought iron work for a window in Pizzo (Calabria)

in the neighbourhood in Pizzo

Tropeawhite balcony balustrades in Tropea (Calabria)

TropeaTropea, same style, different palazzo

Lipariold palazzo with beautiful iron balcony in Lipari (Eolie islands)

window dressing with blue iron and iron flowers on the vulcano island Stomboli (Eolie islands)

blue balcony balustrade in Stromboli (click on picture to enlarge)

Balcony in Stromboli

Last but not least: Spain - beautiful flickr find via lyngy

When you are in particular interested in one of the wrought iron work design in the picture, click on the picture to enlarge for details.

June 28, 2009

New: Calabria Guide Book

UPDATE: New 2nd Edition available now:

1st Edition:
Travellers Calabria (Travellers - Thomas Cook)
This English guide book is written by blogger friend Lara Dunston and her husband Terry Carter who also does the photographs.

Book Description (via amazon)
New for 2009, "Travellers Calabria is Ideal" for visitors to Italy's southernmost region, a beguiling fusion of wild mountains, pristine beaches, crystal-clear seas and delightful hill towns. Expert advice guides you straight to the best sights and experiences. Suggested Itineraries and Highlights sections to help you make the most out of your trip. The book features detailed background on people, geography, culture and history; clear and accurate mapping including suggested walks and tours; full colour photography throughout; impartial and dependable sleeping, eating and entertainment listings; and, comprehensive coverage of the region's best, including: Catanzaro, Cosenza, Reggio Calabria, Aspromonte, Scilla and Tropea.
Product Details
Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Thomas Cook Publishing; First edition (May 19, 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1848481403
ISBN-13: 978-1848481404

Lara reflects on her travelling at cool travel guide. While in Calabria last year, researching for the above book, she posted the following:
Calabria: Europe's best value destination
10 Reasons to travel to Calabria - part I
10 Reasons to travel to Calabria - part II

I will make sure to order my copy on time before my summer holiday in Calabria !

June 26, 2009

window draperies

Looking for various window dressing I came across this beautifully fabric by Nya Nordiska. "A combination of high-tech and folklore, results in this extraordinary decoration fabric Isabella. A parchment-like, almost stiff base with a sheen like mother-of-pearl is embroidered with fleece or Lurex yarns." It already won four awards for design and material.

Not less interesting is the curtain rod "Spannstange" an innovation from Artline by Nya Nordiska. This rod made of Ø 6 or 8 mm stainless steel is able to bridge mounting distances up to 5 m without intermediate brackets! "Following the trend to more delicate curtain rods Artline designed this excellent problem-solver" that was honoured with the Busse Longlife Award 2008.

And these clips that hold nonchalantly fine curtains are a cool alternative to the usual rings:

All above products are made by the same company which name sounds so nordic, so scandinavian. But, who would have thought, it is German !

Source: all pictures via website and brochure of Nya Nordiska

June 18, 2009

wrought iron doors - part II

Since we knew that we need to think about wrought iron doors, I always took pictures on our trips to Italy when I saw an interesting design of wrought iron work, no matter for doors, archways or windows.

Since we talk doors, I will post doors first. The following pictures are taken by myself or taken from the WWW, mainly via flickr. (You need to click on the pictures for better details.)

Let's start with Italy:

Colosseum RomeIron gates at the Colosseum in Rome - very simple but colossal

Castello degli Angeli, Rome
Castello degli Angeli, RomaTwo small iron gates at the Castello degli Angeli in Rome. The first one is a very pretty small two wing gate.

VeniceVenice and an impressive iron door gate on the canal.

Venice in watercolor by Donna CorelessA beautiful watercolour impression by Donna Coreless (via flickr): iron portal in Venice

Sarzana, LiguriaSarzana, near La Spezia in Liguria: this is a very beautiful little medival town with lots of antique shops. These shops are protected by tall two wing iron gates that are leaned against the outside walls during the day when the shops are open. It is a very simple and elegant solution for wrought iron door gates. I also could picture these as a solution for us.

Forest Church, CalabriaThis is a little church in the middle of a forest in Calabria. When the church is 'closed', the altar is protected by this simple round but pretty two wings gate. I like the idea of having a more dense structure until mid hight.

Seminara, CalabriaThis iron gate with simple "s" decor opens up to a garden in Seminara, Calabria. Seminara is famous for its unique ceramics.

Monteprandone, MarcheThis is an old iron door in Monteprandone, Marche via flickr (by pizzodisevo).

ferro batuttoThis door has a plane iron part at the bottom. This could protect from rain (splash water) and dirt. The decor is not special but the position at mid hight and upper end are interesting. Although, here, I would prefer arrows at the end.

Last Italian photo shows how the iron gates are fixed to the wall or stone door frame. The inside doors open to the inside and the iron gate or door opens to the outside.

More doors:

Honfleur, FranceAn iron door in Honfleur, France via flickr (Rudy Vega)

Castle DoorA castle door in France

A gate to a secret garden via flickr (by visionsbyccat).

Beautiful entrance to a church via flickr (by Sator Arepo).

Are very elaborated wrought iron gate from the 16th century (Germany?).

'Merletti in ferro battuto' - fine lace in wrought iron, via flickr (by piesse/patrizia)

And if you have followed me this far, I thank you and say bye for now with this beautiful impression:

'Iron shadows' via flickr (by Simon Monk).

June 17, 2009

Looking for wrought iron doors

Actual task: we need two wrought iron (ferro battuto) doors for the garden level.

Maybe you remember this 'before and after' photo of the newly restored wall of the garden level and its two - not really yet - doors :

This is a close-up of the two doors to be:

Actually, this is a question for the supervisor and the architetto, there should be newer pictures available as doors have been installed, right?!

Update: oh, look how fast we communicate with Italy ! Here is the actual situation of the new doors:

To protect these garden entrances, we decided to install additional wrought iron doors.

In Italy wrought iron work is very popular and used in many ways: To protect doors and windows, but also to embellish the top of the doors. Italian balconies are almost always having railings made of wrought iron. So do most garden fences and inside the house staircase railings. Not to forget the romantic wrought iron furniture used in mediterraenian areas.

Today, I am posting the different wrought iron or steel works (ferro battutto e acciaio) we have in our Italian house*. There are so many different styles that the new doors do not have to match anything, but maybe could repeat a design that is already in place:

First, my favorite wrought iron door railing (above). I really like the elaboration. It is the original one (not sure how many years original), but it is very rusty and will be restored or at least repainted. It is protecting the other 'door' of the garden level, which is facing the sea and if you would fall of this tiny (shoe size 10 or 40) balcony, you would probably fall 54 meters deep. So it is quiet an important railing!

This is the new garden railing from the pre-owner. I actually see just now, that it is quiet matching the first railing (above). This is all on the same level and the iron doors would be just inbetween these two railings. So they could be in a similar style.

Maybe like this? This is what I can do with my photo editor. And I like it! I think my mission is completed before the post started... why not! What do you think?

Or another version, closed at the low end.

Wouldn't it look good in this stony door frame? Two wings opening to the side?
(update: okay, this is a very old picture now. I can perfectly see my proposal in this unfinished rustic whole. But is it still okay with the new situation?)

BTW, the same pattern is also used for the iron (or steel) balcony railing one floor up.

Since I think, I found a solution, I am going to stop here to let my family think about it.

* And I am going to post more wrought iron work in the next days.
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