June 27, 2010

cucina dei puffi

The small kitchenette is installed

Since the kitchen seems so small, CC said that it looks like
"una cucina dei puffi"
a kitchen for smurfs
eine Kueche fuer Schluempfe
une cuisine pour les schtroumpfs

This funny impression gave me the colour solution for the fridge: smurf blue

You see, the fridge is still missing.

So far we have : 
a standard sink and additional small sink, a gas stove, a microvae, a tiny working space of 30 x 60 cm, a waste bin storage and some drawers. The top is one entire steel surface and was choosen by CC. He also absolutely wanted the microwave. He even knows how to cook with it.

My idea was to integrate the bulky microwave inside the lower kitchen part instaed of putting it on the (not available) work space or on a shelf.

Also my idea was not to have an L-shape kitchen, as it would be too much kitchen that I did not want to have here in the attic. We do have a main kitchen on the ground floor and should use that one. Here a pantry would have been far enough. Also instead of having a kitchen island that would allow breakfast and add work space, I decided that we are more flexible here with a table and chairs.

Until the rest of the house is finished we will be able to live in the attic with a bathroom and kitchen. Later we could have guests staying here independently or even rent this part out. That was the idea behind having the 6th bathroom and 3rd kitchen here.

I should have noted here right away our source. Now I had to search through old emails to find this info:
We bought the kitchen in Maida from ALINDAR CUCINE, the model is LENA PANNA and we changed the handles to those from ALBERTA, inox top including sink and stove by ARISTON. 

June 26, 2010

Photo update

- click to enlarge picture -

Angelo is so fast with his updates, that I just did a screen shot of his yesterday email.
Complimenti ! Tutto molto bello ! GRAZIE !

June 25, 2010

Guest Blogger: pop corn flooring

The status report by Angelo that came in today:

We have now started the work on the paving of the salone at the ground floor. We are filling the paving with a light product called argilla espansa. The material is clay that has been processed in a way similar to the one used to make pop corn. The result is a very light product that is ideal for filling. The paving will be reinforced using steel wire mesh that will add further strength to the structure of the house.


June 21, 2010

mansarda bianca

la mansarda bianca - our white attic

I am so proud of my idea of a white interior ... and of Angelo and CC to turn it into that stunning result !
The doors lead to the blue terrazzo with the blue ballustrade.

It was hard work !

This is how it startetd:

the ceiling:

CC at work: the beams needed grinding and painting

all the small fins needed to be fixed left and right of each beam

the flooring:

All done by Angelo alone - super job ! Mille Grazie !!!

And last but not least  BEFORE pictures:

This was the unfinished attic a while ago... 

June 19, 2010

ringhiera blu

I am jealous myself ...

I can't be there right now.
Instead I am sitting here in super cold Germany with 10 degrees and rain.
But at least I have something to dream about !!! :-)

PS: one would almost not see the antenna....

And here to compare one "BEFORE blue paint" picture:

photo update of the completet ballustrade:

Fantastic job, Angelo ! Salute, cincin !

June 18, 2010

no title

a "still lifes" photo by Angelo

This is Angelo's bike in front of our main entrance door. Apparently he drive his bike every morning from Vibo Marina to Pizzo, about 4 km along the coast (is the coastal road open again?). The above photo he sent to me with the message that the door is almost finished. The only thing that is missing are the borchie ("deco nails") for the lower part.

June 16, 2010

blue blue blue

Isn't this colour amazing ?
This ringhiera (balustrade) is not for bellezza (beauty). It is for safety.
But now, with this blue coat of paint it became really beautiful !

And here we have the first bathroom to come to life !
With some blue colour it looks so inviting !

Many ask me what the palazzo is doing. It is progressing so fast ! You won't believe it because I have no time to blog. But Angelo is still on site and pushes the work continiously. He is there everyday. And he sends me pictures everyday. I just can't keep pace with him and post everything new and pretty.

BTW, I am back from Bangkok (back in Germany). I spent there three full days. We did decide on the school for our son. But not about the place to live in. Actually, I could start the countdown for the move to Thailand now ...

Unfortunately our German school holidays for this summer start late (end of July) and the British international school holiday in Thailand end early (mid August), so there is no time to spend summer holiday in Italy in our house and on the beach. It seems that we have to wait until next year to enjoy what Angelo is preparing and organizing so well.

June 03, 2010


Thanks to Angelo the restoration and repair work goes on in many areas of the house. And thanks to Angelo I got visual updates on a daily base.

A slightly unusual view of the house.
The main door is missing as it needed some repair work due to some cracks.

Here it is almost finished. The correct window frame is finally installed (round not square).
Just some frames are still missing.

While I am writing this, I am sitting in Bangkok, ready to meet again with the real estate agent to find the right place to stay (remember: we are moving back to Bangkok in July!). That`s what I am doing since 2 days: visiting schools, houses and appartments. I am only here for 3 days as I did not bring my son for safety reasons (now its quiet) and health reasons (ear infection).
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