July 29, 2010

blue mission

Blue ringhiere look good everywhere.
On the seaside from top to semiinterrato.

(for details click on pic to enlarge)

blue balustrade of the balcony on the ground floor

Only the balustrade around our tiny garden is not yet blue.
But then, after that: blue mission completed.

I forgot to post these pictures:

Angelo sent me this one, with no comment, and at first sight I did not really understood what this line near the ceiling that looks like a shadow would be... is it a blue stipe ??!

In the next picture I saw it clearly :
Angelo must have got crazy about blue !
I think he had some left over blue paint and obviously thought a bit of blue will add an interesting note to our bedroom. So funny.

July 24, 2010

Something blue was missing in the kitchen ...

Angelo sent me the above picture with the comment: 'I thought, something blue was missing in the kitchen' ...

And I smiled and thougt: Now, he got too crazy about blue ! 
Well, it is just a detail, we can change that later. Or maybe he is right ? We should put blue tiles there, too ? Or maybe he is just kidding me ?! - I decided to not complain about his latest decision. But felt that he is getting a bit too independent.

And some days later I received that photo below from Angelo:

His comment : 'It was just a blue protection film.' ! ha ha !

While we are on house hunting tour in Asia ... our Italian home progresses ...

Angelo, my Father-in-law, has unpacked some stuff, and felt like interor decorator ...
So funny ...  Although these Shanghai style deck chairs don't belong into this room, I wish I could relax there NOW! 

And Angelo continues to paint wrought iron gates blue.

Even if I have posted this view before, I can't get tired of it (now with new blue balustrade).

Here we got a wooden 'battiscopa' - and please note the professional fresko cover protection. 

Yes, I confirm, these tiles are for the master bathroom's floor (pavimento) and not for the bathroom wall.

This one is hilarious :

Angelo o-tone:  'I have engaged a cheap and competent woman for the final cleaning and waxing of the master bed room'.   (Editor's remark: this cheap 'room cleaner at work' is my dear moterh-in-law)

Super finish : floor after final cleaning and waxing

July 14, 2010

* we are moving *

Good-bye Germany

I have the movers at home, yesterday and today

The house is getting more and  more empty ...

BTW Angelo was here to take my car to Italy. Grazie for this fantastic support !!

See you / write you again from Thailand !

July 05, 2010

blue summer

Angelo continued to paint balustrades of balconies blue. Here is the one of the soggiorno in the primo piano. We have decided to paint all ringhiere blue that face the seaside, including the one in the garden.

This is the new blue "balcony" (shoe size 40) seen from the larger balcony below.
And you can see our new outside lighting. - CC found the lamps in one of the catalogues of our electrician and we ordered them without having seen them. Good choice, I think.

I can see, feel, smell the fresh sea breeze!!
I wish I could be there right now and jump into the cool sea.

Ahh, instead I am suffering in the heat of my appartment where I have to prepare the move ... No time to fly to Pizzo. And Angelo wants bathroom decisions and drawings by mail and skype. But at least I can keep dreaming. One day, I will spent a whole summer in our house.

July 01, 2010

narrow bathroom with arch

This is a bathroom I saw a while ago over at desire to inspire. It cought my attention because we also do have one narrow bathroom with a shower at the end. We still have not found the right tiles for the walls and flooring. I somehow like the above solution for that situation. It looks very clean and natural. I wonder if the bathroom has natural light, and if yes were it comes from .

That's why I was impressed by this simple solution in the first picture.
A calm and basic look would suit maybe our bath - that, so far, looks like this:

The view is from the entrance: Under the arch will be the toilet. Around the corner on the left will be the sink. And around the corner on the right, at the end, the shower. A dark narrow tunnel (much shorter though that the other bath above). No natural light.

Above, more pictures from different angles - this is part of another PowerPoint presentation by CC.

And for the better understanding, below, the floor plan:

(click on pic to enlarge)

And to see our progress, below, one ugly before photo :

We enlarged this space by breaking through the wall on the left and taking away some 80 cm from the guest/office room to add a shower to the bathroom. The arch remains and will host the new toilet.

Our first idea for the end of our narrow tunnel (on the left) was an eye catcher by Bisazza. We thought that the a red coral motif (below) would look great for the shower. But the tunnel / shower is only 80 cm wide and while the motif comes in 129 cm wide. If you take away 40% of the motif, it has not the same effect. And of course it is a waist of money, as it would not be ideal to use on the other wall as well. When you shower in a narrow place and you have this mosaic in front of you, I think, you might feel dizzy and your eyes get crazy...

Therefore, still in my filing are the following pictures:

I always had this photo (from a magazine) in mind.
I like the red, warm, cozy atmosphere. And the fake coral deco.  

But after we deem the coral mosaic not suitable, we only found these:

by Bisazza, but somehow boring if on floor and walls

Slightly better: mosaic by SICIS for the shower and sink area, square tiles (by de Maio) for the flooring

to understand better what is on the floor and what on the wall

Alternatively: one of these mosaic tiles could be for the floor

.... or these colourful stripes for the floor ( by la moderna manifattura) and water resistend paint for the walls ? Maybe even golden tiles, like in the 3rd page of this powerpoint presentation (made by CC).

... mmh, I can't resist Vietri tiles, especially when they are put together in that mosaic style... I picture a Vietri carpet that at the end of the shower goes up the wall till the ceiling. The other walls would be white, tiles and/or paint.

Interesting kind of Greek style antique looking flooring (by la moderna manifattura).

Or after all this beautiful blue Bisazza mosaic (Paola) ?

Since we have seen all this and still have no solution, none of the above will be realised. The room does not bare too much or too big pattern. Unless we want a cave feeling we should go for natural, light & bright colour and reflecting material.

you can click on all pictures to enlarge (except the first one)

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