September 23, 2010

Mesmerising Bathroom

I am staring at these pictures... and I feel mesmerised... The sinks are mounted with their beautiful chrome stands. When you look at the floor, these big round blue circles ... do they try to hypnotize you too ??

"water proofing"

September 13, 2010

The bathtub from China

This bathtub came all the way from China (via Germany) to South Italy. The price justified the shipment. But we probably forgot to buy some special accessory (tubes) that cost in Italy almost the same money we paid for the whole bath tub. I guess, I need to visit Beijing soon, not only to catch up with old friends but also to buy some hard ware for the bathtub.

PS: the voting for 'how to lay the parquet' is closing soon. I think we have a winner: version C (the mix). 

September 09, 2010

More Progress in the Master Bath

While I was buying a rice cooker in Bangkok, on the other side of the world Angelo had finished tiling floor and walls and even installing the shower and other bathroom equipment in our master bathroom.

Have a closer look (click on the picture if you do not see it): the water is running !!!

The blue battiscopa

What a beautiful finish. The blue battiscopa - the skirting board - was choosen by CC and when the order has arrived, a discussion started, whether these tiles - that are originally not meant to be used as skirting or baseboard, but rather as an elegant finishing on top of wall tiles - should be used on top of our green wall tiles and other white tiles as baseboard instead ... However now, we are all convinced that these blue tiles look perfect. (Even if they are so thick that they will be certainly dust collectors, I do not mind).

Progress: Master Bathroom

my choice of tiles

The tiled wall is a bit too high behind the toilet (140cm). We changed the plan of having a wall (of 140 cm hight) between shower and bidet, but forgot to adapt the hight of the tiles behind the toilet (100 cm would have been enough). The plan also did not include to have tiles on the wall left of the toilet. But after many discussions we gave Angelo the green light to also put tiles there.

The floor mounted shower will have no shower plate, this is the shower plate how Angelo had calculated the layout. (I hope it will not be to slippery)

I do really like this wall for our to sinks

We needed to elevate the floor in the bathroom for all the tubes running left and right - but also to re-inforce the ceiling / floor between the two floor levels. So we have a step here and the door opening into the living area.

Can't wait to see how it looks in reality.

Great job Angelo, take a day off and enjoy the sea !
And happy birthday to Lidia today !

September 06, 2010

sunset with vulcano

Vulcano Stromboli and sunset, view (zoomed in) from our balcony in Italy.

While Angelo sent me the above photo in the mail, our 40 feet container has arrived in Bangkok and I am still unpacking ...

Thank you for all your votes and advises. Very appreciated !!

September 03, 2010

The blue bathroom of the attic

mosaic and sink installed

another door that leads to a storage and locale technico

the shower box is not ordered yet

the mosaic band finishes with a thin marble bar
(one of the few items I was not involved)

I am very happy how this bathroom turns out. Impressive how good the blue paint matches the mosaic! My husband is responsible for both, as he got inspired by this bathroom post. And the white tiles, that we have chosen together, so beautiful, its surface plays with the light  .... Also I forgot that we ordered the Vero sink by Duravit, as I first wanted the more economical version (Starck 3), but now I am glad that we did spent a bit more. It looks much more elegant. Kudos to Angelo and Tonino, they did a great job ! Bravo !

PS: If you have noted, that no faucets are installed, and wonder why, then I can tell you that we have misplaced the box with the faucets ... Angelo is still searching....

September 01, 2010

Parquet installation and shift in direction

I found these pics via Swedish emmas designblog and all what I can do is looking at the parquet installation. Here I am impressed how good a shift in direction looks. It underlines the change of a room funtion: living room / bedroom and dining / corridor.

At the moment, if I look at pictures of design blogs, enter a home or a restaurant, all I see is parquet installations.

I like all your comments and emails and votes. Thank you very much. The voting on the right side, on the blogroll, shows right now, that all the proposed versions A, B and C are equally accepted.

But I have to tell you something, the longer I think, the more I like Version C.
This is the 'mixed' version first our friendly architect came up with.

Now, I am checking with Angelo, our best and only worker (on the parquet side) if he thinks a smooth transition is feasible as we do not have these long, long 'one-piece-wall-to-wall' panels. Our panels are around 190 cm long, they will be offset and I would like to have the transition without a door sill.

Your comments and votes are still welcome !

Photo source: Fantastic Frank, a real estate agent selling above apartment in Stockholm, Sweden

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