August 26, 2011

Before the first Guest arrived

This summer was the summer we finally would move into the house that we first spotted in summer 2006 – FIVE years ago. Who would have thought that it will take us that long?!
There are a few reasons why it took us five years.
First we needed to get all the paper work done and the permissions from the commune.
Then we needed someone on site to talk to the architect and supervise the project, at least from time to time. This was Angelo, my father-in-law, who also himself had some other businesses running in the last years. Our architect started the renovation from the outside and when that was done, we waited for Angelo to take over the inside fitting. He would do most part like painting and flooring by himself. Since he is very precise he noted his working hours:  three thousand something… ! But Angelo also had support by Tonino and Mimmo, two masons who prepared the floors and did the tiling of six bathrooms, three kitchens, one terrace, one balcony and one garden and all kind of other works. And there were the plumber, the electrician team “Fonsi” & partner, some carpenters and other suppliers.      
me & Angelo on his Vespa on the way to work in Pizzo 

Since the past 5 years, we were living most of the time overseas, far from the construction site, we were doing – what I call - a “long-distance-online-renovation”.  And whenever we spent our summer holidays in Pizzo we have been busy in the beginning with decision makings. Then in August, basically when all Italy goes on vacation, shops would close and workers would go to the beach as well. So, when on site we could only push little things. The main communication between us and Angelo was via email and sometimes via Skype, in urgent cases via SMS. But the fact that it was “long-distance” did not delay the project, since Angelo would decide when I would be too slow…

August 18, 2011

Living at Palazzo Pizzo

Morning sun at PP by Giorgio

Finally living at - or - in Palazzo Pizzo was great !

After all, it was an exciting, in the beginning stressful and less relaxing holiday, but with many joyful and beautiful moments at the end - thanks to our dear friends & guests at PP!

While I am now back "home" in Bangkok, still some family/friends are enjoying life at Palazzo Pizzo. My mother-in-law's cousin's wife F. is updating me with reports from PP and sent the above photo from Monday morning taken by my mother-in-law's cousin, aka her husband G.

My recent short posts I did via iPhone, since this was much faster and easier with photos than with the iPad. Now, back home at the computer, I can write more and also edit all the hundreds of photos I took. For the blog, I decided to go back in time and start writing about the more hectic period of our holiday before the first guests arrived. And then report about living at PP. But first, I have to pick and compress the photos. 

Will be back soon.... 

August 12, 2011

Enjoying the Simple Life

There is not much to do in Pizzo but to enjoy simple life.
Tonight, stunning sunset with smoking Stromboli (in the back) and dinner with friends.
Looking forward to another tartuffo for desert later. And another sunny day tomorrow.

August 05, 2011

Market Day

Once a week every Italian village has it's street market. Every Saturday there is a big market in Vibo Valentia's old town center. You will find underwear (intimo) sold in front of the church and a fresh market just in between the extended market locations.

Combine the market day in Vibo Valentia with a visit of the castello and its archaeological museum. From the castello you have an impressive view over Calabrian highlands.

Today, we went to the market in Pizzo. There were the usual counterfeit handbag sellers but mainly farmers from the region selling local products: vegetables and fruits, cheese and peperoncini, olive oil, home made wine and even home made soap! You also can find shoes, plants, household tools, table clothes, underwear, hair bands, sun glases, t-shirts and other (simple) fashion wear.

The market in Pizzo is quiet a nice walk. It is located above Via Nationale, below the autostrada Salerno - Reggio Calabria, every Thursday from 7 am to 1 pm.

From village to village, and even from week to week the vendor stands might change a bit.

Market Days from 7 am until 1 pm:

Vibo Marina   - Mondays
Pizzo              - Thursdays
Vibo Valentia - Saturdays
Tropea           - Saturdays

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