February 23, 2012

Pizzo Calabro on Youtube - selected videos

Recently, on a Sunday morning, CC came across a YouTube video about Pizzo. He called us and we all gathered around him and looked at the laptop screen. Amazed, we wanted to go back right away to this humble village on the sea!

Curious what else is about Pizzo Calabro on YouTube, I started a research.

I have to say there are not many professional clips about Pizzo on YouTube, which is typical for Pizzo. It's a humble little city that could do much better regarding "quality tourism", but on the other hand, its simplicity is its charm.

Below, I want to share some clips that I liked. If there are comments, they are in Italian, which sets you in the right mood - even if you don't understand the language.

The first clip is my favorite. It makes me want to go right back. It gives a brief overview of the picturesque historic centre of Pizzo. The large port that you can see from a bird perspective in the beginning of the video shows Vibo Marina, which is about 4 km further South. Since the video is about 4 years old, it does not show the harbor project of Pizzo itself.
Can you identify our palazzo? :

The next clip, also by uomoinmare, takes you on a ride from Punta Safo, south of Vibo Marina to Capo Suvero, North of Lamezzia with short stops in Vibo Marina and Pizzo. You can see the endless "wild" beaches and crystal clear turquoise sea.

The video below about Pizzo produced for Italian TV RAI features the castello and three churches:


And then of course, if you don't know already by now, Pizzo is most famous for its tartuffo ice cream. And here is one of many video's that shows how to the tartuffo is made featuring Franco from Gelateria Ercole:

Pizzo has an amazing number of churches (10!) but the most unusual one is the Chiesa Piedigrotta. See this video by Linea Blu, RAI uno (2006):

And another favorite of mine is this video by Raggio di Sole (a la scoperta del paradise Calabria) that includes an interview with our very charming major Gianluca Callipo. Together they stroll through the alleys of our neighborhood in Quartiere Carmine (pavement under restoration at that time). And if you are patient enough, at minute 16.08 you see our palazzo and my much beloved blaconccino gets a mention. Also our neighbors of the Piccolo Grand Hotel are visited. Produced and aired in Summer 2013:

If you have difficulties seeing the above videos,  click on the YouTube button (below right) of each video and try to see it on YouTube directly... and don't get lost with all the other recommended videos ;-)

February 07, 2012

Waiting for Summer

Before lunch at Palazzo Pizzo (oil on canvas)

This is a very cold February, and the snow has even reached Southern Italy. This is less fun than in more Northern parts of Europe. In the South, the houses are not as well prepared for cold winters. Furhter more, heating costs are very high in Italy. So it happens sometimes in winter, that outside in the sunshine it is warmer than inside the homes.

So, let's think some warm thoughts.

When I look at my newly finished painting (above), I think of summertime in Pizzo. I enjoyed last summer very much, especially the aperitivo "Aperol Spritz" between beach and lunch. I had to paint it in oil on canvas. The view is the one from our kitchen or dining table.

I love rooms with sea view (who does not?). One artist, who's artwork I admire a lot, is Henri Matisse. He actually painted a few rooms with sea view. It is facinating how he captured the atmosphere inside and outside the room.

And that's why I will add this book to my collection. It's all about Matisse' rooms with a view:

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