April 28, 2012

The First and the Last

Although, the weather this April was not very gentle with us, we enjoyed the sweet, delicious and refreshing temptations of Italian gelatiere often enough.

My first strawberry granita of the season:

A granita is a semi frozen Italian dessert of sugar, water, and flavorings. My favorite flavours are forest berries and lemon flavour. During the almond harvest an almond granita is very nice too. Originally from Sicily, they are also very popular in Calabria. According to a legend, granita was accidentally invented by a sherbet seller who left her ingredients on ice too long.

My last tartufo in April:

It is said, that the famous tartufo di Pizzo was invented to honor the visit of Italian Prince Umberto I of Savoy in 1943. All gelaterias in Pizzo, there are at least 20 something, offer the famous tartuffo nero ice cream desert. It consists of half hazelnut and half chocolate ice cream with a heart of melted dark chocolate, covered with cacao powder. Every single tartufo is handmade. And very gelateria has its one recipe. So, if you ask a Pizzitani, who is making the best tartufo ice, you will hear lots of different opinions.

Since Belvedere was closed on Tuesday, our last day, we went to Ercole. I must say, I like their tartuffo very much! There is a lot of yummy melted chocolate inside. I almost forgot to take a picture, that's why you only see the remaining half.

Bye Bye Italia for now - we will be back soon!

April 18, 2012

A Moment of Total Happiness

I was sitting on my balcony in the warm morning sun. Already happy, since the weather forecast had falsely predicted another rainy day.

I had put my feet up on the blue railing, holding a mug of hot caffe latte in my hands and was watching the sea.

There was no wind and the sea was calm. It was a peaceful morning and I enjoyed the sunshine. Everything was perfect. Nothing was missing.

And then I saw them. Two dolphins, swimming side by side. They were not jumping - just coming above the surface so that I could see them before diving back into the sea. Slowly, peacefully, almost lazy, coming up and going down again. I saw their backs and fins. It was so beautiful, so perfect. Just in front of me, about 100-150m from the shore.

I had tears in my eyes, so overwhelming was this moment.

I was alone, I had no one to share this moment. My husband had gone jogging and my son was still sleeping. The guest had left already. I called my son out of bed and a couple of minutes later he appeared sleep drunken on the balcony blinking into the morning sun, but the two dolphins were gone.

I felt absolutely happy, excited and thankful for this precious moment.

April 16, 2012

Mare Mosso or When I felt like living on a Cruise Ship

Unbelievable waves today! 
Our house so near to the waterfront made me feel like living on a cruise liner today. 

Impressive and scary, the power of nature. Mare mosso means moving sea - today, the ocean went wild!

The photo is just a visual reproduction. The roar of the crushing waves all day long is something else. I took a short video. I will see if I can upload it next week. Also I will post more pictures soon.

There are only a few days like this - during winter usually.

April 13, 2012

A Day at the Beach

According to the weather forecast, today was the last day of sunshine before a week of rain.
So, we went with the kids to the beach to enjoy the sun. There is a little nice beach at Vibo Marina called Proserpina, where we used to go in summer every day before we had the house in Pizzo.
This beach is located behind the yacht haven of Vibo Marina and has a pretty view of Pizzo in the far.
While this beach is serviced in summer with sun chairs and umbrellas and the sea is calm and shallow, ideal for kids, today it was deserted with pretty waves.

There was a family - probably from Northern Europe - their kids in bathing suits had no problem to jump in the ice cold water.

For our son and nieces, who had seen the sea for the first time in their lives here in Calabria, it was a big joy to run up and down the beach, run away from the waves and collect shells. It was a very beautiful and warm late morning.

At 1pm we cleaned sandy feet and went for a pasta at la casa della Nonna.

At the moment, I am blogging via iPhone and can upload only one pic per post. - I am probably going to add some pics later when with a real computer.

Also this time, the Internet is lousy down here in the South. If available, it's slow... We are with WIND now, last summer we had TIM. I guess this makes the difference, although we were told everybody in Calabria is with WIND - mmh?!

April 12, 2012

Un giro a Tropea

A trip to Tropea is a must, while in Pizzo. So, yesterday, when spring was back, we packed grandparents, kids, nices, uncles and aunties, and off we went for un giro a Tropea.

It was a real pleasant afternoon because it was not crowded at all - as it is usually in summer. The small alleys were empty and we seemed to be the only tourists in town!

We enjoyed the view of Stromboli and of an empty beach below the historic center.

April 10, 2012

Winter on Easter Monday

Today we had sunshine, but very cold wind. The sky was beautiful and we could see Stromboli at sunset.

The weather was the talk of the town tonight. In the Pizzeria at 'La Marina', we were told that this is the weather of January or February. No one could remember a cold Easter like this.

There were far more people down at the sea than in the 'piazza' above. The 'piazza' in fact was deserted. The ice cold wind had scared people away. When we went for an espresso into the bar, Angelo (Il Gatto), greeted us with "Buon Natale" (Merry Christmas) and a big smile. He was in a good mood although only one table was occupied outside.

Tomorrow, will be another sunny day with slightly more degrees.

April 09, 2012

Sunshine and Hail

Sunshine and rain,
Sunshine and hail.
Today, Easter Sunday, we saw all four seasons. A strong wind blew clouds in and out again.

Buona Pasqua di Pizzo!

April 08, 2012

Good Friday Angel

I met an angel on Good Friday. A little one. And she enjoyed a gelato in the piazza of Pizzo.

April 05, 2012

Easter in Pizzo

Easter 2011 in Pizzo Calabro

Last year, Easter in Pizzo, we were very lucky with the weather. We had lots of sunshine and some crazy young people even jumped into the sea. Tourist were sunbathing at the Marina and we went fishing. Large Easter chocolate eggs were delivered to bars and cafes for decoration and sale.

I am off to Pizzo tonight. It is a long way from Bangkok via Roma...

According to the weather forecast we expect rain for the early Easter weekend this year and not so cozy temperatures. Well, this gives us an opportunity to check out our brand new heating system!

Looking forward to a family reunion and hoping for some sunshine again next week. I plan to take some good pictures and blog via mobile phone or ipad.

Until soon!
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