I was Tagged

I have been tagged lately by Katiedid and South of the Sahara. Thank you for showing interest in the blogger behind this blog. I owe you answers.


- I am very happy and thankful to have seen a lot of this world. I am German and have lived 32 years in Germany before moving for 5 years to Thailand. Now, I am living in China since 2 years. For my work I have travelled to over 20 countries, where I spent a month in average. My favourite countries are Ireland, Thailand and Italy. My favourite city for many years was Paris.

- It happened to me to fall in love with an Italian whom I met in my hometown Stuttgart. He looks more Scandinavian than Italian and I am the one with the ‘Italian’ temperament in the family.

- I do not care about brand names and I own less pairs of shoes than my husband (well, he is Italian).

- I suffered from asthma when I was little. For many years I could not run as much around as other kids because I could not breath. With swimming, lots of swimming and even more swimming I was cured when I was about 11 years old.

- Although I was a real good and talented swimmer, I was playing tennis daily for many years and I loved skiing, I have lost my interest in these sports. Maybe I have overdone it. Maybe I am just too lazy.

- I met Keanu Reeves in person once. He looks even better in reality than in the movies or pictures. Although he has a fantastic voice he does not talk that much - same as in the movies.

- I am ‘collecting’ languages. At school I learned first French, then English and Latin. French and Latin helped me to learn other languages like Spanish and Portuguese (which I lost after not using it). I learned Italian to be able to communicate with my new family (which made me loose my Spanish). I know some words in Japanese, Bahasa (Indonesian), Dutch, Swedish and Danish. Nowadays I am trying to learn Mandarin as every other foreigner living in China does. Besides my German mother tongue, I am best in French, I think.

- Although I dreamed of becoming a graphic designer, painter or writer I choose to study the more ‘safe’ economics. 20 years later, I am now changing my ‘destiny’. Two weeks ago a resigned from my old job (that was on hold) and feel free now, to do what I always wanted to do. First of all I am writing in blogland, here and there. And maybe other dreams will come.

I found eight things about me. So I am done. Who else wants to join the game? You are tagged, tell me!