Why Designer Kitchens Do Not Have To Cost Much - OR: When Architects And Designers Use IKEA Kitchens

While IKEA kitchens in some countries still have the reputation of being cheap kitchens for young and small budget households, it seems that in France architects and interior designers effortless and successfully integrate IKEA kitchen into their projects. And at the end, they are even featured in glossy magazines like Marie Claire Maison. And the source IKEA is clearly stated.

After seeing all my finds below, you might forget about your fear of the DIY hassle of assembling an entire IKEA kitchen. I, myself feel tempted:

Above, the architect Philippe Harden managed well to disguise a kitchen behind brown furniture (Nexus, IKEA). The counter top harmonises with its dark wooden tint (Numeraer, IKEA). White lacquered cabinets  (Applad, IKEA) frame the counter and form a niche. The dining table is custom made (Atelier 54) in steel after an army table. Above the table, two bicoloured lamp shades (Habitat) are pending on red electrical wires (BHV). (remark: text partly translated from the original French description) - Who would have thought that this sleek kitchen is by IKEA?

interior by architect Flora de Gastines - black glossy kitchen furniture by Ikea (Abstrakt)

a Parisan apartment by modern architect Carl Fredrik Svenstedt - basic kitchen furniture by IKEA

architect C. F. Svenstedt had Ikea kitchen furniture repainted in a fresh "bamboo" colour (inox gas stove by Ariston)

the kitchen island is a cube made of 10 modules by IKEA 

The above apartment is arranged by French interior designer Didier Gomez - with a kitchen by IKEA. Okay, this one looks almost like a cut out from the IKEA kitchen catalogue - but with a thick stone counter top and the different styles of lower and upper cabinet it looks more stylish.

And now, how to get the look:

glossy surface with ABSTRAKT? Or APPLAD or NEXUS?
(click on picture to enlarge)

handles - or no handles for a sleeker look

industrial faucet HJUVIK (NR 7, just 169 Euro)

IKEA's steel shelves, although nice, would reveal IKEA on the spot 

little helper on the side, flexible inox service wagon NR 8

So it depends on you, how you transform an IKEA kitchen into something special, something not looking like a cheap IKEA kitchen from the catalogue:

like this (above)
or like that (below)

Have you experience with assembling and using an IKEA kitchen? Please send in a comment. I am looking forward hearing from you.

Photo sources: Marie Claire Maison and IKEA