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Chiesa Carmine, Palazzo Pizzo and Bay of Lamezia

BEFORE - House in February 2008

AFTER - Renovation accomplished in February 2011

BEFORE - How we found the palazzo in 2006

AFTER - Facade in summer 2010 (inside not yet ready)

BEFORE - Seaside facade in 2006

AFTER - View from sea side in 2009

Palazzo Pizzo on the cliff

BEFORE in 2006

AFTER in 2009
(side wall is renovated too)
bw instagram shot
The awesome view from the balcony ... 
My absolutely favorite spot of the entire house!

Spectacular Reflections

Sunset over Stromboli

The private garden Terrace of Palazzo Pizzo Residence
The residence's garden terrace and our new logo!

The guest residence, before and after - the biggest challenge in the entire house!

 Vaulted stone arch and walls

Relaxing at the Residence!
Sweet scent of oranges in neighbour's garden

Pizzo's historic center

Pizzo seen from Vibo Marina

Still Life in Pizzo

Way down to Pizzo Marina's beach

Pizzo Marina Beach (empty in April)

La Seggiola (below the house)

above the roofs of Pizzo

Palazzo Pizzo from the sea (original photo by Caterina Maria Feroleto )

The future: Pizzo harbour project (courtesy of Pino Pitt)

photo copyright 2006-2014 by editor and owner of Palazzo Pizzo blog (except two last)


  1. What an amazing view you have. I love the tiles too which I am guessing are all Italian?

  2. Yes, all our tiles are from Italy. These colorful tiles with Mediterranean inspired patterns are called "Vietri" tiles since they are manufactured in the area of Vietri, a small city near the Amalfi coast.
    But also Sicily has some famous tile manufacturers with similar bold pattern and color.

    And MamaB, you are right about the view, it's spectacular! Thanks!

  3. The bathroom is simply stunning! The floor!

    Erika P (My Calabrian Retreat)

    1. Thank you Erika! I am looking forward seeing updates on your project too!

  4. AnonymousJune 02, 2013

    I have a house in in small village in Tuscany in an area called the Lunigiana. I have been to Vietri many times mostly to buy dishes - but i love what you did in the kitchen. Where did you buy those tiles? Your house looks fantastic. I really enjoy your blog. thanks so much


    1. Dear Chris,

      I would love to visit Vietri and do some shopping there. Can you recommend any manufacturer for dishes?

      Our supplier, Callipo in Vibo Valentia, has a good selection of Vietri tiles, thereof Francesco de Maio was our favorite manufacturer. (They are affordable. They are not antique handpainted tiles.)

      Thank you for your compliment! I am always happy to get a feed-back from readers!

      Grazie a te

  5. Suzie - I found your blog through the Expat Blog Awards. Pizzo sounds and looks like a DREAM place and your blog makes me want to head south (I live in Bologna). You have some really beautiful pictures here. I also have a blog about Italy (

    I’m looking forward to reading more about your adventures in Pizzo.


    1. Dear Sarah,
      It is always nice to meet other Bloggers in Italy. I will add your blog to my Italian blog roll. Thanks for liking us on FB. Let me know when you plan to visit Calabria! Would be nice to meet you.