Pizzo Apartment availability around Easter 2018

 It's getting warmer ... and you are dreaming of a cool place to go? 

It's getting warmer ... and you are dreaming of a cool place to go? 

Easter is around the corner! And spring is here since March 1 according to the meteorologists, and latest next week on March 21 according to the astronomical calendar. Have you made up your mind yet where to spent your Easter Holidays? Or your own personal little Spring Break?! Come to the sun, come to Southern Italy, come to Calabria, come to Pizzo! Pizzo is the best place to explore Calabria and its spicy food and Ciro wines.

Palazzo Pizzo has the following apartments available during these periods: 

from March 21 to May 4    Palazzo Pizzo Residence (sleeps 2) for 110 Euro per night

from March 31 to April 11   Dependence Delle Grazie (sleeps 4) for 140 Euro per night*

from April 7 to May 5        Studio Bellavista (sleeps 3) for 80 Euro per night*

*) rates are for 2 persons per apartment, each additional person pays 20 Euro. Our self-catered apartments come with free wifi and free secured parking. Minimum stay is 7 nights!

Please contact us directly if you are interested.

You can also find us on airbnb, homeaway (fewo, abritel) and tripadvisor (holidayletting) where you can check also our availability for other holiday periods.

We are looking forward to welcome you in Pizzo,

warm regards, saluti cordiali

Susan & Palazzo Pizzo Team

(photo source: Dolce Gabbana campaign 2011)

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A newsletter is out

Have you signed up for our newsletter yet? If you have, you will know how often I manage to send newsletters... the last one was in December 2016, now it's January 2018. Still time to wish you a happy and healthy new year 2018! And hopefully last year was a good one too.

How about a summer break in Southern Italy?

Pizzo mosaic for newsletter 01 2018.JPG

The newsletter goes: 

"July and August are getting booked fast! As a special opportunity to our previous guests and friends we have temporarily blocked for reservations some of our exclusive apartments in these two summer months. The romantique Palazzo Pizzo Residence, the beautiful Dependance Delle Grazie and the popular Studio Bellavistaare located in the historic center of the charming fishermen's village and home of the tartufo ice-cream, Pizzo Calabro (VV). Pizzo is one of the most beautiful spots on the Mediterranean coast between Amalfi and Sicily. We will open our calendar to the public in February. You can then still book directly with us or find us on Airbnb, Homeaway (fewo, abritel, vrbo) or Tripadvisor (Holidaylettings)."

One friend unsubscribed as she thought she got another spam mail... but I also got some nice feedback after having sent out the letter last night. My father called on skype. He thought we have difficulties in getting enough bookings. He said it sounded like that.

Luckily we do have already bookings. Many people book during the winter break, and now in January. What I wanted to avoid are these early bookers, who book like 18 months ahead for 3 nights in August. When my team and I are on holiday ourselves, we don't want too much hassle. And I also need some flexible space just in case friends show up short notice.

That's why I thought last year that summer 2018 will be different. Therefore, I blocked the Residence and the Dependance. The Studio I forgot to block on one booking platform and before I realized, there were only 2 weeks left.

It looks like a good year ahead for Pizzo and the Pizzitani who are into tourism.  

If you have not yet subscribed to our newsletter, you can do it here. I can't say when the next letter comes, but it will be special again. If you want to hear more often from us or what's happening in Pizzo, follow us on Facebook where I post more often. And if you do plan a summer break in Southern Italy, consider to book early. Contact us!

Stay in touch, saluti cordiali



It's Spring!

It's spring and time to update the blog. Our first guest have arrived in Pizzo and the next are on the way. It's almost Easter and tourists are heading South for some sunshine. The weather in Calabria was already very pleasant, then we had was some rain, and now it's sunny again. But surprisingly it is warmer in the North than in the South - and so we had to switch the heating on again.

Dear travellers, always pack a sweater or fleece jacket when going to the sea side. Even in summer there can be a fresh breeze, especially in the evenings in the main piazza of Pizzo. There are easily 10 degrees Celsius difference during the day, and a temperature of 20 C in spring with a fresh breeze from the sea can feel like only 15 C. It's best to check the forecast and be prepared to dress like a (spring)onion in layers. However, while some wear a jacket, others already sunbath at the beach and in a few days time you will observe the first brave swimmers.

Happy Spring Holidays & lots of sunshine!

 Pizzo and Vibo Marina on Sunday, 25th March 2017 - Looks lovely, it's Springtime, but Jacket still needed!

Pizzo and Vibo Marina on Sunday, 25th March 2017 - Looks lovely, it's Springtime, but Jacket still needed!

For some more spring impressions of earlier years read Summer feelings in April (April 2013) or simply click on the APRIL or SPRING tag (scroll down, click NEXT to see all posts).

 Beach goers sunbathing and in the water at Pizzo Marina city beach, April 1st, 2017 (no joke!) 

Beach goers sunbathing and in the water at Pizzo Marina city beach, April 1st, 2017 (no joke!) 

Photo credit: All photos by Carmela, March 27 and April 1, 2017 - mille grazie for sharing first spring impressions from Pizzo  :-)

In Pizzo for Christmas

Christmas was over a month ago and the New Year started already with lots of good energy. We had such a great time in Pizzo, with the family and amici Pizzitani and some fantastic neighbours, that I really need to write it all down and make several (!) blog posts. I had not expected it to be so much fun in Pizzo in December. It was very Christmassy, with lots of heartwarming invitations and events. And the weather was just perfect!


As soon as we arrived, I pulled the large box from the storage that contained our Christmas tree from Beijing. I knew it was one with 'snow' but I had forgotten over the years how beautiful it was! (It was eight years in a box!) Our saloon felt instantly so much cozier with the Christmas tree lit up and decorated. Friends brought winter roses over to our house to welcome us. So sweet!! Grazie! 


We even got our "own" Christmas illumination in our little piazza in front of our door and the church Chiesa del Carmine.


We decided to settle into our own guest room, and to use the cozy little orange bathroom, as it feels warmer and less humid as our bedroom and bathroom on the ocean side. And what a lovely view into a little garden we have. Orange trees full of golden fruits.


The living room became Christmassier every day, with a lovely table decor, a surprise by our friends, fruits, nuts and sweets, plenty to snack, and a candelabor by Ditto of Seminara with red candles.


And I baked. I baked tons of Cantuccini. I baked almost every day. For the friends as gift with Christmas ornaments, for an after-Church-get-together, and for our local presepe vivente (more about that later). 


On December 23rd, the first little presepe vivente (nativity scene) by the kids from the local kindergarten was organised on the new Piazza Padiglione near our house. A lot of effort went in the decoration! So nice! And a local bakery offered Zibbibio wine from Pizzo and cheese to taste for the parents and visitors. (More photos in a separate post).


This year's Christmas illumination in the main square of Pizzo was that one (above). Maybe the one from last year was pretier, but it is also nice to have something new every year. The castello got a skirt of lights (in the background).


The side alleys, the corso and each church got Christmassy star ornaments. 


The difference between Pizzo and Tropea in winter is that Tropea is dead, and Pizzo is lively! We love Pizzo for being lively all year round! All the bars, restaurants and shops are open. They only take turns in their day of rest (which they don't in high season). Only Lo Bianco's deli is closed until Easter. But the alimentari (little supermarket) opposite the entrance of the main square is open - and so is my favorite veggie & fruit vendor, and the pharmacy, and the art galleries ...  We wouldn't need the car for grocery shopping. If you wanted to go out, every day, you would find a good choice where to eat or have a drink or coffee.

The temperatures before Christmas were surprisingly mild, no wonder some guest were served ice cream outside, even at night (photo Bar Belvedere). 


... to be continued.

Palazzo Pizzo Newsletter December 2016

Hello dear Readers of the Blog,

I am very excited to share the link to my latest Newsletter! It is the 3rd (ever) and the 2nd this year. If you have not subscribed yet, subscribe today! - The next newsletter is planned for Spring 2017.

We wanted to announce, that we are opening our entire house, Palazzo Pizzo in Pizzo Calabro, for guests in summer 2017. If you are interested in renting our house with your family and friends, please send your enquiry to susan@palazzopizzo.com.  

In case you plan a Christmas Shopping trip to Venice or Padua, please do not miss the deal for my newsletter subscribers for a new rental near Venice! It is my Italian cousin Fiorella's father-in-law's former house that she renovated and decorated with Italian detailed design and style. You find the code for the discount and her email address in the latest Newsletter.

Enjoy browsing,



 Palazzo Pizzo Main House

Palazzo Pizzo Main House