Work Progress in Pizzo

The street pavement in the heart of Pizzo's historic center - that had initiated some three years ago (Rome also wasn't built in a day) - seems finally to come to an end with some last alleys getting paved (photo below: Via Roma).

The garage with the two "No Parking" signs is ours and can be used by our guest on request and availability.  

The garage with the two "No Parking" signs is ours and can be used by our guest on request and availability.  

Monday evening break.  Via Roma, Pizzo.

Monday evening break.  Via Roma, Pizzo.

Although things take time in the South, Monday was a busy day in Pizzo. We can also report about some other progress of our project, just a few steps away:

Alindar from Maida delivers the kitchens

Alindar from Maida delivers the kitchens

Kitchen planning started in August last year, and went smooth. But the more time we had, the more changes I made ... and now our custom made kitchens are delivered! 

Delivery through the garage makes the studio comes first. 

Delivery through the garage makes the studio comes first. 

We always favored local products. And I am glad and proud to support Calabrian businesses. If you need a new kitchen, we definitely can recommend Alindar from Maidar. Great customer service, very good quality, fair prices. If you buy an IKEA kitchen, you pay probably the same and have to mount it by yourself. Check out Alindar, they even have customers in Switzerland.  

Kitchen in the studio's entrance area. 

Kitchen in the studio's entrance area. 

I am glad, I changed from a red kitchen to a white kitchen at the last minute. I really prefer to have this modern red and white interpretation of a classic Vietri floor tile pattern instead of a bold red kitchen. The area is too small for a red kitchen - like we have it at the residence.

BTW, we never agreed on white wall tiles here (photo above). We said we will use waterproofed paint and decide on the colour later. But in the meantime I am used to Angelo who goes ahead when he has his own ideas. Sometimes, the result is not too bad actually. And after three projects of 'long-distance' renovations, I am way more cool and relaxed than in the beginning. - And what is that stripe on the wall below the ceiling in the other kitchen (photo below)?? - Angelo assured me, if I do not like it, we can take it down, or overpaint it. It's a decorative paper border. I guess, since he is not 'allowed' to paint the walls other than white (see his previous colourful folly), his creativity needs to burst somewhere ...

Our special customised kitchen for the Dependance! - LIKE it ! 

Our special customised kitchen for the Dependance! - LIKE it ! 

So far it looks all good. Grazie Angelo, for the photos. I hope the hoot is not misused as hairdryer by the cook...  

For the kitchen counter top we need to look for a matching natural stone as the layout is a bit unique. What seems like a built in oven in the corner is the vaulted ceiling of the stairways below. We built the kitchen around it to optimise the space in that room. When you turn around and look through the windows, you have sea view! Absolutely stunning sea view, and castello view!

What can't be seen in the photo (above) properly yet - details will be published later - is the beautiful ceramic artwork by Antonio Montesanti. He made for us a band of Pizzo's history. The history and stories of Pizzo in ceramic tiles (photo below), which are now stretching along the kitchen counter.

History of Pizzo told in ceramic tiles by Antonio Montesanti ... Here in the making, now in our kitchen! 

History of Pizzo told in ceramic tiles by Antonio Montesanti ... Here in the making, now in our kitchen! 

Of course the very popular retro fridge by Smeg is not going to be missed! One light blue fridge - as our guest already know from the residence - is ordered for the larger kitchen at the Dependance. And a red version is ordered for the Studio downstairs. 

Retro fridges by Smeg - L means hinges are left, and R means Hinges are Right ... important details!

Retro fridges by Smeg - L means hinges are left, and R means Hinges are Right ... important details!


What I have not yet posted, but received from Angelo, are report photos of the bathrooms. All bathrooms are tiled and mainly done. However, the photos don't do justice yet. Again, we bought local. All products, sanitary equipment and tiles, were ordered and delivered via the local company Callipo in Vibo Valentia. We used them also for our previous project and are very satisfied. Mirrors, shower boxes, hooks, shelves and other accessories and details are next! That's why we are going to be on site soon! - So far, mille grazie Angelo

Day 3 choosing bathrooms and kitchens


We knew it will be a 'working holiday'. And today, we spent a few hours in a shop to determine sinks and toilets for 2 1/2 bathrooms and 1 guest toilet. The good thing is, we already have experience and like what we chose last time. So we stick with Duravit and its Stack 3 and Vero line.

More difficult are the tiles for the floors and walls. We still like what we chose last time, but thought not to spend too much money on expensive Sicis mosaic tiles ... and find a cheaper solution instead. Also terra cotta tiles are not the best solution for bathroom flooring since they absorb water. (In our guest residence we used old restored terra cotta tiles.) For the balconies we already ordered the same blue tiles as at our main house. However, we knew we will spend more time on the subject the following days.

The two kitchens we would order from the same local company (Alindar), in white and red, same as last time. Even with the same wall tiles (remember my crazy tile mix?). The only challenge we are facing this time, is to build a kitchen around and above the stairways' arch (see photo). I can't picture it yet and we are still waiting for the company's proposal.

In the evening we had a casual and relaxed dinner with friends at the local fish restaurant 'La Lampara'. I ordered TONNO CON CIPOLLA (fresh tuna fish with red onion from Tropea, cottura media - medium cooked) - and it was awesome! I totally can recommend that restaurant in Pizzo. The owner speaks english, reservation is recommended, unfortunately only tables indside, but nice decor.

Resource Links for Renovating and Decorating

For our references I collected resource links which can be helpful and inspring when renovating and decorating, including some local sources:

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Please note: this is my personal resource link list that I compiled during our project (I have not received any money from any company for any text link above, and there is no affiliate link in that list).

(updated September 2013)

no title

For this post I have no title.
Or should I call it "my strangest summer holidays ever" or "lost in renovation"?

Since ten days - this is how long I am now in the South of Italy - I am telling myself, this is only a short phase, we are going to move in soon, tomorrow, maybe, and tomorrow I am telling myself the same thing, we are moving in tomorrow, domani, magnana...

But what do we do in the evening without light in the living room? Or at night in the bathroom? Okay, lets buy lamps. Of course, CC does not want to spend his holidays buying lamps, so we buy all in once... not sure how many dozens we bought in one afternoon – mainly wall lamps (applique).  Is it only our team of electricians or do Italians in general have a passion for wall lamps?

wall lamps for the whole house

Luckily we found a shop similar to IKEA that has quiet a good choice (Semeraro at Lamezia's Due Mare shopping center). Of course we did not only buy lamps. Also adapters, plugs and jacks to harmonize Asian and European lamps and appliances with the two Italian systems of electric plugs we both have spread irregularly all over the house. - And hooks, we also bought lots of hooks and mirrors for six bathrooms...

red bathroom: mirror installed (inherited from mother-in-law),
matching lamp hopefully found
(in this room the camera failures always!)

After the shopping tours, we are now in the phase of installing all the loot. While Angelo is drilling I am sucking the dust with the vacuum cleaner, like an assistant of a dentist. Whenever I have finished dust cleaning a room, new workers appear with something, like installing air conditions or a built-in wardrobe, delivering a wet sofa (it was raining the other day),  a mattress (not wet) and marble sills. Still some wood and ceramic cutting for the flooring downstairs is outstanding -  of course, they promise – they will work outside with closed doors.

seminterrato: kitchen installed, flooring almost completed

Before I get crazy, I escaped with our son to the beach at Pizzo Marina this afternoon.
It was my first time this summer, and it felt so good!

Short excursus: There was this Italian guy at the beach who seemed keen to practice his German with me that he learned 20 years ago in the Ruhrpott.... When he asked me where my husband was, I said that he is working. Where, he asked. At home, I said. At home? He thought not to understand well. But I insisted: at casa, he is installing lamps, I added. - Oh, said the guy, so he is an electrician? I am a bricklayer! And he started to ask more and more questions.... - It was not easy to get rid of him without being impolite. Not sure what kind of reputation German ladies have with some senior Italians. 

Beside my encounter with a slightly annoying admirer, I had a nice and relaxing afternoon at the beach. And I am looking forward to see the progress in the house that happened without me.

BTW, CC said we are moving in tomorrow!!!

black kitten after rain

amazing green sea after rain and wind yesterday

Progress in June

After many birthday parties and many visitors for many days in our home base in Bangkok and election days in Italy, I can finally report some further progress in our summer home.

The interior renovation work is almost completed!

While you did not see anything on this blog...

... the main kitchen was deliverd and installed

The inox hood is coming soon and will be mounted in the niche. This is the only kitchen picture I have. I am a bit scared to see all, I am afraid that the overhead cabinets (on the right) are too bulky and the island (in front)too small...

... the entrance room was coloured and illuminated

... the original walls in the basement were restored and doors delivered and mounted

The colourful glas for the doors is still missing and the parquet will be installed soon. This is the last floor where interior work needs still to be done.

... the pavement of the garden is in progress 

... and the new little harbour is coming along

For those families who will spent their holidays with us this summer I have good news: Angelo has ordered matresses and they will be delivered on time! Although I do not know yet the beds that were delivered from Northern Italy, I am happy that our guests will be able to stay with us (and not have to sleep in the new boutique hotel next door) ;-)