We are excited to welcome guests from all around the world in Pizzo. 



Angelo is from Torino. His background is engineering and his job has taken him and his family around the world. He has lived in Norwegia, Sri Lanka, India, Germany, England, Iran, Japan, Oman, ... and last but not least in Calabria. When he first came in the 70ies to the South of Italy, he and his wife Lidia who comes from Venice settled in Vibo Marina, near Pizzo. They enjoyed the weather, the sea, the food, boating and new friendships. They always kept their casa in Vibo Marina where also their son, my husband is born. Since their grandson is born, we spent many summers together in Vibo Marina until we found the house in Pizzo. Angelo supervised our renovation project.

At first, Angelo was not convinced renting our guest residence. But now he enjoys taking care of international guests and showing them a bit of Pizzo and introducing them to Calabria. Angelo spents most time of the year in Calabria and speaks Italian, English and a bit of German.   



Tonino is 100% Calabrese and lives in Pizzo all year round. He grew up in Via Paladini and knows the regione Carmine like his own pocket. Although his home is now further up the hill, he spends his days around centro storico taking care of several churches and giving a "mano" to renovation and maintenance in the quarter. He is always in a good mood and has a smile on his face. We are lucky that he is not only our lovely house keeper but also enjoying taking care of guests in case Angelo or I are not around. He speaks Calabrese and Italian.  



Ciao, this is me, Susan, the editor and owner of this website & blog. I am also your proud host of three beautifully styled vacation rentals. I enjoy sharing the experience and introduce Pizzo to travelers from around the world.  

It is most rewarding for me to hear that our guest had a wonderful time in Calabria. Thanks to my Italian family and friends in Pizzo we can ensure a reliable service even while being abroad. You can contact me in English, German, French, or Italian at susan@palazzopizzo.com.