How we got the House - Part II

… it was in the summer of 2006, about end of July, beginning of August – I cannot remember the exact day as I do not remember days and dates while on holiday – it was just another nice summer afternoon in Calabria. We came for an ice cream (prendere un gelato) to Pizzo. As we sat in the sunshine at the Piazza Republica in our favourite ‘gelateria’ each of us had to make the most difficult decision of the day. Who would go for the famous ‘tartufo’ and who would go for the speciality of the house ‘la Torta Belvedere’?

Enjoying the sweet ice creation and being taken by ‘la dolce vita’ we were musing about owning an apartment in Pizzo – an apartment with a huge roof terrace and great sea view.
So we asked the ice saloon’s owner’s son if he would by chance know someone who is selling such a property. He immediately talked about an apartment a stone throw away from the piazza and five minutes later we were standing in front of a huge Palazzo (not ours). He pointed to the fifths floor and mentioned some details. While talking, a ‘signore’ on a bicycle came by and greeted the ice saloon’s owner’s son. The iceman asked the cyclist right away if he would know who to contact about that apartment. And the cyclist said, that ‘la signora’ from the travel agency is in charge for real estate questions.

Another half an hour later we stood in front of the travel agency that was advertising day trips to the volcano island Stromboli, renting boats and scooters, as well as holiday homes, offering Internet access and selling south Italian pottery. We met with la signora, an efficient businesswoman, and made appointment for the next day.

After showing us the apartment mentioned above she led us to another object down the alley. And this was when we were introduced to that fantastic house on the edge of a rock about 54 meters over the sea level. We were speechless and I almost forgot to take pictures. I took about a hundred pictures that visit and the other visits. Later, when I looked at the persons in the pictures, everybody in every moment was having this sweet enchanted smile in the face.
Maybe we were bewitched when we made the decision. Maybe we were lucky. Time will tell.

How we got the House - Part I