Inspiring Entrances

We finally get started. We have an architect and he might look into my posts - hopefully ;-) That's why I will post some inspiring pictures I have collected recently.
So, let's start today with the entrance - the 'calling card' of a house.

Above hallway is from 'Beach Studios' via Absolutely Beautiful Things blog.
I like the entrance in white - it is simple and clean.
Actually, I mirrored the picture, so it looks more like our entrance.

This is a hallway I discovered via Decor8 blog.
It is similar to ours, but much bigger, wider.
I still like white better. And of course some mirror (Venetian style, if we can find and afford) over a commode/chest.


And on the right is our modest reality. The entrance is photographed from the first floor. So white colour and a big mirror will lighten it up.

Maybe even a glass door with a second iron grid door in front. I saw that at a neighbours house.

Although a wooden door is classy...

(Last three pictures are taken in Pizzo, my copyright)