Pizzo Picture Postcards

I love these two postcards!

I first bought them ten years ago, when I spent my first summer holiday in Calabria together with my husband ('il mio fidanzato' at that time). I bought them again last year. They are yellowish on the back. They must have been on stock for sooo many years...

The first one is really special. I wonder why they printed so many of it? This postcard wins a prize for 'unbelievable, strange' postcard and needs to be collected.

And the second one spreads so much charme. La Piazza Umberto has not much changed in these years. (Just a few more cars are parking on the right nowadays).

I think these two postcards show exactly why I like Pizzo. It is a picturesque, dozy little village in the South that has not been spoilt by tourism. And I hope that will never change.