Vietri Tiles

A couple of days ago we went to a company that sells all kind of tiles and of course the famous Italian ceramic tiles that are so popular at the Amalfi coast and in Capri. You can find Ceramice di Vietri online at Francesco de Maio and from Fornaci d'Agostino. They are affordable and so beautiful.

On the way back home in the car, Angelo, my father-in-law, said: You know, the owner of that company is the sister of the wife of your notaio, who is the brother of our friend Franco... maybe he can give them a call...

I like that. I mean the importance of the family-friend-relationship-thing in Italy that is even more important here in the South.

As I was not able to get any picture from the above links I am happy to have found via Katie-d-i-d this just recently posted picture of the Capri residence of Fiona Swarovski - what a coincidence.

We were actually looking at these emerald tiles too, maybe for a bathroom. - So, I am glad to have found this picture because it gives me an idea how it could look in a spacious living area. Although we have been thinking of putting terra cotta tiles in our living area, same as it is now. We might be able to re-use most of the old tiles and add some new ones of the same style, all together in a certain pattern.

For the terrace and balcony, that need to be done first, we choose a waterblue tile from Fornaci d'Agostino from the Emozioni serie. Its colour and surface looks like water and reflects the sun like water. Yesterday, I brought a sample tile back to our house and put it on the terrace.... It is difficult to tell from a tile of the size of 30 x 30 centimeters if it will look good on a surface of 70 m2... I hope we made the right coice!