Creative Tuesday

Yesterday, Tuesday, I was creative. I kept drawing and drawing the house, just tiny sketches - with all details, with less details and with lesser details and really reduced. You don't want to see all the sheets I did with tiny houses, so just one here:

I was thinking about what comes in my mind first when I think of the house. Or what was the first impression when we saw the house for the first time? What was the strongest argument to buy it?

I like strolling down the alley that ends at the piazza with the church and our house. I like its main facade at the piazza. And of course, I love the sea view. And I realized, I really like the tiny balconies. To be more precise, I love these iron balustrades.

While doing my drawings, I remembered a post by Di from Designers' Block about personalized dinnerware, however could not find it anymore. Thanks to Di, who emailed me the link of Rabbit Toes, I can add this picture to my 'logo file' for inspiration. I like the idea of using the door with the house number.

Hotel Chinaware from Paris Boutique Hotel is inspiring as well for those who plan personalized dishes. You do not need to be noble to have an emblem or invent one - or just replace it with your front door ;-)

Maryam in Marrakesh has found a great logo for her almost ready guesthouse - a silhouette peacock. Now it is my turn to be creative. Beside my top blue picture that represents for me the essential beauty of the place - the sky and sea melting together in front of my iron balustrade balcony with an Calbrian fig cactus - these are my other actual favorites:

What's your favorite? Any ideas? Please leave your comment!