Programma Esecuzione Lavori

The 'execution program for the work to do' was elaborated by Angelo, my FIL. Thank you so much for that very detailed excel sheet (tiny writing in four pages)! Excellent work! According to that plan the house should be ready end of next year and we could invite our first guests in spring 2009! Hopefully!

Well, to be honest, I hope we could use part of the house next summer. We just need a big bed and one bathroom.

Here is a screen shot from the beginning of Angelo's 'execution program':

And that's how it looks in total:

But we have not started yet. As you might see, the work should start in November. A whole year after we have signed the contract... That's how it goes when you do not live on site. Anyway, so far we cannot start because we still wait for the approval of the application for renovation. Angelo said, it does not matter to wait as he wants to be on site to supervise the work. And at the moment he is a buys 'retired' consultant working in England. He plans to be in Pizzo from January on.