ta ta ta taaaaaa - Fanfare !!!

"Al piano terra i muri sono tutti demoliti.
Stanno portando via le macerie
ciao Angelo"

Today I got an email from Angelo, my father-in-law, who is on site in Pizzo since a couple of days. Since Monday we have the permission! The GO! And the workers started right away. They took down the walls in the piano terra , the ground floor. The first picture is taken from the living room showing the dining area and the new large space of the kitchen. The old bathroom is gone, the bathtub is out. And the former bathroom window will be part of the new kitchen. It is great for me to see the new space. Even if it's just from that photo. I try to "feel" it. Sounds funny. But being so far away, I have no other option. I am looking at this picture and try to imagine how we will prepare breakfast or lunch - in order to find out how to arrange the kitchen.

Ah, and the second picture shows the dumping of the debris. But not only that. You can see the first furniture we 'inherited' with the palazzo: a pink plastic chair. And you see our  quiet narrow alley. No truck will make it through here...

Grazie Angelo. I am looking forward to more pictures soon.

PS: I learned that the spots on picture number 1 are not spots on Angelo's lens, they are ORBS! A sign for good vibs, good energy! And it is so true, this room feels fantastic!