Natural Sources of Light for a Bathroom & more

The latest accomplish rate was 13.55% as of November 30, 2007.
More than 10% in one month... maybe we can make it until the summer holidays? - I am just kidding. I will be more than happy if we make it according the plan - until November 2008.

My son (4 y.) asked me today: Who is fixing my Italian house in Pizzo? (my !) And then he asked: Do they know how to repair it? - I said, Angelo knows and he is there.

It is so important that he is on site, as there are tons of additional questions to answer and new decisions to make.

Today, Angelo and I, have been writing a lot of emails back and forwards. He most of the time in Italian and me most of the time in English.

The longest was about natural sources of light for the new bathroom. As we re-located the bathroom in piano terra (ground floor / first floor) we got a bigger space for the kitchen and of course a new bathroom. The old window of the former bathroom belongs now to the kitchen. The new bathroom will get a new window. The window will be small. So I had a thought once, about glass bricks (Glasbausteine) in a certain height towards the neighbouring storage area... I never mentioned this idea until about two days ago - when it was too late. Angelo and Pino, the architect, apparently liked the idea right away. But, ups, the new wall was already perfectly finished. Remember the working speed?

The wall can be demolished partly, no problem (only extra costs). So now, we discuss via email about the size, the height and the position of the glass bricks. The glass bricks come 20cm x 20cm and in many beautiful colours to choose of. And the question was asked if we want to use them on the opposite wall towards the kitchen as well.

However, I cannot picture where this could probably be. In the niche of the shower? I suggested see through glass, so we could have sea view from the shower (through the kitchen) - hey, why not? There is a technique with a certain liquid that runs over the glass and turns it to not see through... tricky. But I think I will place the fridge there. On the side of the kitchen, not in the bathroom... confused? Me almost.

This is the new space for the kitchen after cleaning up the debris (the light area, behind the yellow bucket - before the yellow bucket is the dining ares).

This is the new bathroom. The shower will be in the left niche. Looking at the picture, I think the bathroom is smaller than I thought. We plan 2 sinks, 1 WC, 1 bidet, 1 shower and 1 washing machine, maybe a 'working' sink for hand wash laundry (something Italian). Maybe we have to reconsider. I guess, when you split a big room into two, both new rooms always appear smaller than assumed.

Where is this hole? I know it is in the wall between the kitchen and the new bathroom. Can we please have a picture from the entire wall? Maybe this is a place for glass bricks? - Or, one window and one area of glass bricks are enough.

And the outside renovations just started as well. The first picture above shows the scaffolding on the sea side facade as of December 1st.

For those who worry about our cliff - the rock was professionally renovated a few years ago. The concrete plate underneath the house was part of the project.