Facade Coloring

Our color has no name (I would have choosen something like "Light Bellini"). It has just a number: "731". It is not that much yellow like the colors above it, that my husband prefered and it is a bit more yellowish than the pinkish ones below and on the right, I would have prefered. It is the color that the architetto recommended. A pretty compromise. I think we couldn't go wrong with any of these eight cremy colors. And you know what? On the seaside we painted six out of the eights (decision making process) and they look different! This is because the surface on that side of the house is smoother and the light is never the same.

Click on the picture to enlarge and see the green check marks: this is our color!

And I did some facade coloring today. But just on paper. And as the scanned result did not turn out good enough I used the computer as well. It still has a bit of a dirty look, but it would take me hours to make it nicer. I hope Angelo and the architetto (who might be able to provide a better design? aiuto per favore!) understand my suggestion of how to paint the different areas of the main facade. The sea side facade is easy - same pattern like it is today.

Click on the photo to enlarge.