2 Years of "Palazzo Pizzo" & Happy New Year

Today is the last day of the year.
When I was younger I used to write down in my diary all the highlights of the old year, month by month. An act to remember about the time that has passed and to realize how much things I have done - or not done.

This also is the day to think of what the new year might bring and what we are wishing for.

On this special day I want to greet all my readers of this blog:
Without you, your hits and your comments writing would have been much less fun! Thank you for your support!

It is not only a special day because it is the last day of the year. No, today, exactly, two years ago I started this blog by writing my first post. I started it in German language as this is my mother tongue.
But soon I saw that English is the language of blogland - and so I changed it to open it up to more readers.

Next year, 2009, I promise to be back with more posts.

At the moment I am in Venice at my Italian family's house with many family and friends to visit, lunches and dinners. Tonight we are invited to our godchild's family for dinner, so the kids can play and we will sit around a fire place.

I wish you all a happy New Year! Full of health, love and happiness!

The painting I have choosen for this special day is an ink wash painting by Liu Mu represented by Creation Gallery in Beijing. The title is "spring sun and autumn moon". We are all inbetween the sun and the moon, inbetween spring and autumn, some have winter time right now, some have summer time. Happy New Year 2009 !!!