Door Doors Doors - part II

Maybe you remember my 1st doors doors doors post when we started to think about how our (three!) entrance doors should look like.

Meanwhile Angelo, my father-in-law (grazie!), has collected impressions of doors. See above or my flickr door set for details. They are all from the area, especially Pizzo and Vibo Valentia with a few exceptions, maybe from Vibo Marina and Tropea.

We are spoilt for choice!

... but here it is:

Our choice: two 'sections' of wood per door wing. While the main door has two wings, the other two side entrances have one door (one wing) only.

The lower part of the main door should have 'nails' (chiodi) like this one:

However the door grip or handle (maniglia) is not decided yet. It will NOT be the one in the 3rd picture.