What am I doing

I can't stand to see that my last post is older then a week!

Today I read an article about twitter... and that it is cool and apparently interesting for a lot of people to just write a short message (140 digits for twitter) about what they are doing.

So my 'twitter' message would be:

I am now going to clean up my 'construction field' (in Germany) because a worker's boss is coming to check on the work (I have some complaints, so cross your fingers....)

And I am announcing some posts about Feng Shui on my other blog 'in China' (I will provide links here) - soon!

What is a post without a picture? So I am providing a picture of my son taken this morning: instead of going to kindergarten he wanted to observe the workers. From this he probably can learn more then in a (German) kindergarten ... That's why I allowed him to have his breakfast on the construction site. Like a real worker!