DIY: Recycling hangers into useful accessories

What I did lately:
Recycling a laundry hanger into a still missing bathroom accessory: a toilet paper holder.

It is a simple, but unique, creative, and green idea - quickly and easily to implement without spending money!

Also these hanging accessories are a unique.
If you just have renovated your bathroom and still have no mirror this could be an interim solution.

The chalkboard 'capt'n hook' could hang near the entrance or in the kitchen. (For magnetic chalk boards see my previous post).

All products could be done by yourself - or purchased at Magazin, one of my favorite furnishing shops. There are three of them in Germany (Stuttgart, MΓΌnchen, Bonn). The toilet paper hanger (yes, I copied the idea) is available in this shop for about 7 Euro. The mirror was about 19 Euro, the chalkboard 29 Euro. Better DIY!