Looking for wrought iron doors

Actual task: we need two wrought iron (ferro battuto) doors for the garden level.

Maybe you remember this 'before and after' photo of the newly restored wall of the garden level and its two - not really yet - doors :

This is a close-up of the two doors to be:

Actually, this is a question for the supervisor and the architetto, there should be newer pictures available as doors have been installed, right?!

Update: oh, look how fast we communicate with Italy ! Here is the actual situation of the new doors:

To protect these garden entrances, we decided to install additional wrought iron doors.

In Italy wrought iron work is very popular and used in many ways: To protect doors and windows, but also to embellish the top of the doors. Italian balconies are almost always having railings made of wrought iron. So do most garden fences and inside the house staircase railings. Not to forget the romantic wrought iron furniture used in mediterraenian areas.

Today, I am posting the different wrought iron or steel works (ferro battutto e acciaio) we have in our Italian house*. There are so many different styles that the new doors do not have to match anything, but maybe could repeat a design that is already in place:

First, my favorite wrought iron door railing (above). I really like the elaboration. It is the original one (not sure how many years original), but it is very rusty and will be restored or at least repainted. It is protecting the other 'door' of the garden level, which is facing the sea and if you would fall of this tiny (shoe size 10 or 40) balcony, you would probably fall 54 meters deep. So it is quiet an important railing!

This is the new garden railing from the pre-owner. I actually see just now, that it is quiet matching the first railing (above). This is all on the same level and the iron doors would be just inbetween these two railings. So they could be in a similar style.

Maybe like this? This is what I can do with my photo editor. And I like it! I think my mission is completed before the post started... why not! What do you think?

Or another version, closed at the low end.

Wouldn't it look good in this stony door frame? Two wings opening to the side?
(update: okay, this is a very old picture now. I can perfectly see my proposal in this unfinished rustic whole. But is it still okay with the new situation?)

BTW, the same pattern is also used for the iron (or steel) balcony railing one floor up.

Since I think, I found a solution, I am going to stop here to let my family think about it.

* And I am going to post more wrought iron work in the next days.