window draperies

Looking for various window dressing I came across this beautifully fabric by Nya Nordiska. "A combination of high-tech and folklore, results in this extraordinary decoration fabric Isabella. A parchment-like, almost stiff base with a sheen like mother-of-pearl is embroidered with fleece or Lurex yarns." It already won four awards for design and material.

Not less interesting is the curtain rod "Spannstange" an innovation from Artline by Nya Nordiska. This rod made of Ø 6 or 8 mm stainless steel is able to bridge mounting distances up to 5 m without intermediate brackets! "Following the trend to more delicate curtain rods Artline designed this excellent problem-solver" that was honoured with the Busse Longlife Award 2008.

And these clips that hold nonchalantly fine curtains are a cool alternative to the usual rings:

All above products are made by the same company which name sounds so nordic, so scandinavian. But, who would have thought, it is German !

Source: all pictures via website and brochure of Nya Nordiska