Planning: Under the Roof

After having started the renovation from the outside, now, the interior renovation should start - top down - under the roof.

Since we have not been well organized while choosing the tiles for the terrace (we went into the shop and bought what we liked), this time, I want our team to commit to shared ideas.

Under the roof pitch the space is small and the ceiling is low.

So, I suggest a light color scheme. White walls, white ceiling (yes, the wooden beams need to be painted white!) and very light colored flooring. Maybe large natural stone, beige color or a white painted concrete floor.

Ralph Lauren's Jamaica residence via Cote de Texas

(sorry, no source ? )

The advantage of a light mono-color scheme:

  • the space feels larger

  • the ceiling feels higher

  • the felt room temperature is lower

  • it's an adaequate contrast to the blue terrace tiles and the sceenery

  • there will be enough color from furniture (a large blue sofa) and accessories

BTW, don't get jealous, our actual situation looks like this: