the new window shutters

This is one of our new window shutters. The newly ordered, white laquered ones. The original ones were not preserved well enough to go for an economic restauration.

As you can see, our window shutters are on the inside of the house. This is quiet common here in Pizzo, as the sea climate affects the wood over the years. The palazzi here that have window shutters on the outside mounted them additionally. Often made of aluminium or PVC and having fins to let in some daylight.

Personally, I would love to have shutters with fins on the outside. During the afternoon heat, you can close the shutters and leave the windows open while napping.

When we close our shutters, the windows must be closed as well and no light comes in. They just have a different purpose.

During the renovation of the windows and walls on the sea side we have left enough space for additional outside window shutters, in case we want to add them later.

For the main facade, however, where we have two bedrooms, I am already looking at some easier solution.

I love bamboo shades.
So why not something like this :

Bamboo shade mounted outside over the balcony door, house at Pizzo Marina

When the shades are rolled down, they are hanging over the balcony to allow air in and look out. (I need to find more picture samples, coming soon)