Venice Shower Curtain by Izola

Did you see the pictures of my wedding in Venice (nine year ago) ?
Guess what arrived and surprised me on my wedding anniversary (yesterday) ?
A Venice shower curtain by Izola ! Shipped from New York via DHL.

I was amazed by both, the coincidence of the timing and the new look of my "redecorated"  bathroom.

I will give you the before and after photos :

Isn't this a quick change ? A fresh new shower curtain can spice up your bathroom - and save you lots of money.

My bathroom (in Germany, not in Italy) is floor tiled with Brasilian slate and wall tiled with Roman travertine. The sanitation is all in white.

Above, another funny match: the name of our double sink is "Gran Kanal" (we love it because it is the smallest and best looking douple sink available, 1110x505x150 mm, by Rapsel) - and the new Venice shower curtain shows the "Canale Grande" with gondola and part of Rialto Bridge.

(the shower curtain from inside the shower)

Sweet memories of our wedding day !
Grazie Izola !

BTW Izola, a New York based company, offers plenty of fresh and sophisticated designer shower curtains and accessories. The shower curtains present the work of artists or feature subway maps, photography and bold patterns. And they do ship worldwide !

- - -
PS: I hope you don't mind that I am posting sometimes from my main home in Germany, where I am also still renovating (more to come).

(images: SC for Palazzo Pizzo)