This is not an anniversary post

This is not an anniversary post - yet it could be one - almost.
It is almost three years of blogging (wow!) and almost my 200th post (yes, I am into slow blogging)!

The Holiday Season is around the corner and I know, I am not going to make the 200th post on time to match my three years anniversary of blogging. I started on December 31, 2006 here.

It's the swine flu's fault and the other virus and bacteria that followed on top. It is unbelievable how many weeks it took and still takes us to recover. To ensure the food supply for the family was core - writing or reading posts was absolutely not possible.

Therefore, I am glad to see that even some new readers dropped in! 

I promise to be back with inspiring posts before the New Year from Northern Italy where we will visit our Italian family.

Until then, all the best - especially HEALTH to all my readers and your beloved ones !
Suzie / Susan
photo: il palazzo e la chiesa del Carmine in Pizzo