blue summer

Angelo continued to paint balustrades of balconies blue. Here is the one of the soggiorno in the primo piano. We have decided to paint all ringhiere blue that face the seaside, including the one in the garden.

This is the new blue "balcony" (shoe size 40) seen from the larger balcony below.
And you can see our new outside lighting. - CC found the lamps in one of the catalogues of our electrician and we ordered them without having seen them. Good choice, I think.

I can see, feel, smell the fresh sea breeze!!
I wish I could be there right now and jump into the cool sea.

Ahh, instead I am suffering in the heat of my appartment where I have to prepare the move ... No time to fly to Pizzo. And Angelo wants bathroom decisions and drawings by mail and skype. But at least I can keep dreaming. One day, I will spent a whole summer in our house.