Renovation progress inside the house

Beside the pretty results I have posted lately, basic renovation work progresses on the inside of the house:

Above: reparing a wall by taking off old paint and plaster and adding new plaster

Above: checking seismic bars for corrosion and rust, and repair them if necessary

the wall in the living room is almost finished

the walls in the bedroom are already painted
(I like how they protected the fresco over the door with newspaper)

Above: planning the contruction for the slope of the shower in the master bathroom

Today, Angelo sent me the following information:

L'avanzamento generale lavori Γ¨ ora 74,85%

That means we are 74,85% done with the renovation !!!

I really like that information - especially the two digits behind the comma.

One must know that my father-in-law used to work as a chief project supervisor on hugh construction fields all over in the world where they built plants and refineries. So, our house must be like a walk in the park for him. This had the effect, that in the beginning, he could not care less for the design of a shower plate ... Over the time however, our decission making process became smooth and effective. Since he gets quick replies from us, he also involves us in all details (I think). Only now and then, he likes to work independently and surprises us - just recently with some artistic blue paint jobs.