Progress: Master Bathroom

my choice of tiles

The tiled wall is a bit too high behind the toilet (140cm). We changed the plan of having a wall (of 140 cm hight) between shower and bidet, but forgot to adapt the hight of the tiles behind the toilet (100 cm would have been enough). The plan also did not include to have tiles on the wall left of the toilet. But after many discussions we gave Angelo the green light to also put tiles there.

The floor mounted shower will have no shower plate, this is the shower plate how Angelo had calculated the layout. (I hope it will not be to slippery)

I do really like this wall for our to sinks

We needed to elevate the floor in the bathroom for all the tubes running left and right - but also to re-inforce the ceiling / floor between the two floor levels. So we have a step here and the door opening into the living area.

Can't wait to see how it looks in reality.

Great job Angelo, take a day off and enjoy the sea !
And happy birthday to Lidia today !