All the best for 2011 and La Dolce Vita di Pizzo

Happy New Year to all of you, dear readers, subscribed friends, returning visitors, inspiring commenter and of course dear supporting sponsors. Without you this blog would be less fun for me.

In case you wonder what is happening around Pizzo, the palazzo, Angelo or myself :

Angelo is visiting my family in Bangkok (we moved to Thailand last August) where we all  - together with my parents and CC's parents - spent Christmas and New Year. This is my 5th week with visitors, so I am a bit busy and far from the computer. However we talk about the house project (sometimes) and how to proceed. But not much pressure for any decisions. Bathrooms are all clear. Just some flooring, lighting, kitchen ... is next. As soon as Angelo leaves Thailand, he will be back on site to push the renovation to the next level. We finally want to live inside the house this summer and not only visit the construction site!

And what's new in Pizzo? For the New Year I received an email from Anna, one of my readers who contacted me about two years ago with some questions about Pizzo. And to my surprise she sent me a link to her new website called LA DOLCE VITA DI PIZZO, a guide to Pizzo with information for visitors and her own guided walking tours! Find out what it is all about here.

What made me like her right away was (not only the photo of her now and in 1979 in Pizzo) but also her declaration of love for Pizzo:

"...Pizzo worked its charm and magic on us, and we wanted to stay. We rented a little apartment for the winter very cheaply, as it was only used in summer. It was just off the Piazza, and so damp that all our clothes and shoes grew mould! But it was ours, it was home and we could stay.

I ended up staying for 4 years, and there is something incredibly special about Pizzo that just makes my heart sing - Tropea is very nice, but it doesn't have the same effect on me at all.   ..."

Anna plans to live part of the year in the UK where she works as a teacher and come to Pizzo in summer to work as a tour guide. She offers four different walking tours through Pizzo that can be booked via her Dolce Vita website. This sounds like a new quality added to Pizzo's tourism ! Good luck & Happy New Year !

See you this summer in Pizzo !