Departure tonight and still packing ....

Today I am packing. Actually, I am STILL packing! I started packing already yesterday. I am such a sloooow packer... It takes me hours. Always! Does anybody has a packing secret for fast and efficient packing to share?!

I really should be better prepared for travelling. We not only travel overseas quite often but also do escape the city almost every weekend. I should have an extra beauty bag ready just for travel, including my favorite cremes, mascara, Labello, nose spray, mosquito repellent, sun protection...(ha ha! yes, that's me)  I just need everything double. The 1l plastic zipper bag(s) for flights - with cremes for face and hands, lipcare, nose spray and other emergency medicine for son -  should be packed and ready anytime. I have no idea why I have to re-pack my beauty bag all the time.

Since our holiday home becomes livable now, I also need to store things there. Shampoo, soaps and clothes of course. So I might have to pack less. Might...

Thinking of that, the other night, I came across an interview with Ivana Trump (yellow press from the plane). She poses in front of her summer house in Palm Beach with her Rolls and LV suitcases. Her saying, that she does not know how many rooms her villa got, was highlighted ... Hey, come on, how could she know, when she has so many houses?! Nothing unusual. (I have not counted my rooms either, ha ha!)

But the interesting question was, whether Ivana Trump travels with tons of luggage in between her properties. - Her answer: No! - She said, she would never carry with her basic casual clothes or pyjamas. This is all on site. Also Florida requires different outfits than New York. So each residence has its own selection suitable for each climate and activities. She just carries her actual favorite things. - Probably she also has someone who files her outfits by photo, so she knows what she has where - and if not she just drives in her Rolls to a boutique.

Actually, that's how my husband packs: He is done in 15 minutes, more or less. He packs passport, credit cards and ticket. And if he forgets his tooth brush, so what? He buys a new one.  

Now, I checked the weather forecast and also the pictures of last year Easter holiday. My son was wearing a woolen hat and scarf... so I opened our metal travel boxes in where I store my winter clothes here in Thailand. When we are landing, there will be chilly 14 degrees Celsius only!

But now, I really have to run. I still need to stop buy the Apple store to buy the "iPad Camera Connection Kit" to enable the download of photos from my camera to our ipad. I want to try out to blog from the ipad while travelling. And I would love a last food massage, but maybe no more time left before a parents teacher conference this afternoon.... and then the beauty case, is always last.