Kitchen Islands - Part I

When you have an open kitchen that connects to the dining and living area you may find a kitchen island useful because it can function as a separator between the spaces. Since we also plan an open kitchen, I researched kitchen islands and found that there are mainly two categories:

1) very simple kitchen islands that provide extra work space and some storage (Part I)
2) bold kitchen islands that include kitchen appliances like sinks and stoves. (Part II)

This post covers the first category - the simple islands:

simple but beautiful wooden work bench, via Elle Decor
(I flipped the photo as our stove and balcony are on the left as it is now after flipping) 

wooden work bench with marble counter top, via Elle Decor

custom made island with lots of drawers, via Elle Decor

white lacquered wooden island with drawers and open storage underneath, via Landmark (Villa Limonaia)

white lacquered wooden island with baskets replacing drawers, via Cote de Texas

turquoise steel kitchenette and very basic work bench in rough luxe style

white island with drawers and marble counter top

Although, I am trying to just focus on the kitchen islands, I am surprised to see, that in all the seven beautiful kitchens above, white tiles have been used for the walls. Have you noticed? Four of the kitchens use the classical French subway tiles, two use square tiles and one uses a classic Italian Vietri tile pattern (no 4, the Italian villa).ο»Ώ But what else would you use to ensure these beautiful kitchens get an adequate background?

Now a bit more modern and without tiles:

a nice bar counter is something that a kitchen island could offer, via Cote Maison

a modern kitchen with a bar island in a rustic context, via Bulthaupt

modern rustic mix via Bofi

all white and modern, via Binova

Donna Karen's Zen style kitchen - not much to see of the island, but I like it, especially the Chinese stool

"Line Art teak island" was in my files - simple island with good storage space to copy by your local carpenter if nothing similar could be found in a shop.

You might be interested in my post Kitchen Island Part II as well.

Sources: You can find the links on my blogroll or on the pages "resource links" and "my blogroll". If I did not indicate the source, it means I don't have it and you might mail it to me.