Recycling Furniture

Today we have mounted my around 20 year old IKEA table. It is a bit rusty, but it stands perfectly. The chair has seen many winters and snow, but with a bit of paint, maybe blue paint, it will look like new.

This again proves me, that I am right to not throw out my old things. I hate to throw away things because 1) one week later or so I need themο»Ώ and 2) it is a waste of resources. I love to see things recycled.

Especially when it is possible in this way, on this balcony, with this view .... ahh, what a pitty that I have to take the plane back to Bangkok tomorrow. My son and I would prefer to stay, but school and work is overthere ...

Since the internet access was a bit weak here lately, I did not post much about the progress. But I will have plenty of time next week. Wishing all of you a Happy Easter, or happy Thai New Year or just a very Happy and hopefully Sunny Springtime.