Going crazy over crazy tile mix ...

outstanding nichia (niche) - LOVE IT !

previously planned "frame" with Greca blue (from bathroom)

new "frame design" with real tiles (to be installed) after my photo of paper tiles

new idea: only 3 rows of tiles on nichia's side walls

... today I was emailing, text messaging, downloading and re-designing a lot. We are running short with our tiles. I knew from the beginning that it is just enough what I ordered. The thing is, when you have a crazy mix and run short, you have a problem. I could have ordered an 8th design, but could not find any good match. But I could not go for a second box of one of our designs since then the whole mix would not be balanced anymore. So I hoped.

Then I realized I had done a calculation error within the nichia. I had forgotten the ceiling or buttom... So very little chances we would have enough tiles!

We added a few bathroom tiles already into two walls to gain a couple of extra tiles.

I made sure the mix was balanced at all time to have a kind of harmony in the chaos. With my paper tile arrangement it looked fine until the end. But today Angelo sent me a picture of the tiles we have left for the bottom of the nichia. Surprise. It is not what I have calculated with all my paper tiles here thousand of miles away. Of course nothing balanced anymore. I will need to place bottles of olive oil and pots with kitchen tools on top of some tiles to make them disappear. Problem solved.

But more stressful was to stop the "frame" of the nichia this morning. Last night, CC saw my draft with blue Greca tiles (left-over from our bathroom) that should work as a "special" frame - and he did not like it. I knew it. I kept it as a surprise, like Angelo does sometimes. Maybe for this reason... as I am not very convinced myself.
"It looks like we run out of tiles!" he said.
"Yes. Actually, that is the purpose of patchwork: using left-over pices to help out...", I replied.

Okay, before ruining the beautiful art work, I decided to design a new frame.
We text messaged at night to Italy, to make sure Angelo opens his emails in the morning and stops Tonino in time.

This worked out fine. Before Angelo woke up, I had emailed him already the new frame this morning from Bangkok. I also redesigned the sides and ceiling.

I took many pictures of my paper tile arrangements. I added notes to avoid misunderstandings. I looked at it again and again and at the end, I came back to an idea from the night before:

Why tiling all the side walls and ceiling of the nichia? It looks so stunning on Angelo's photo. It stands out. Will it not be overloaded with more tiles? If we do only 3 rows inside the nichia, corresponding to the outer walls, we would also have solved our tile problem !!!

What do you think? You only have a couple of hours to reply until buys workers in Italy go back to work!