9.30 Pizzo Marina Beach

Early morning at the beach of Pizzo Marina - 25 degree Celsius, calm sea and a few sunbathing Pizzitani.
This is how I like my holidays!

Just a week later, it looks like this on the same beach (photo below). If you can avoid the month of August, come ealier or later for a stay. The worst two weeks of the year are before and after August 15, Ferragosto, when really every Italian is on holiday.

Beach at Pizzo Marina in August

The good thing of this beach at Pizzo Marina is, that the sunbathers are locals. Tourists in Calabria mainly stay in resorts and go to the beach of their resorts. They come to Pizzo for icecream during the day or a pizza in the evening. In Pizzo's old town are only a few tourists staying at a B&B or at the only and newly opened small hotel in town. When living in Pizzo, you need no car to go to the beach, you just can walk - from the above historic center - about 10 minutes down to the Marina. I really enjoyed the daily walks through the small pittoresque alleys. And we always found a small space for our umbrella and towels. It is a free public beach and it has a free shower, something really rare and to appreciate! And since this beach is located at the Marina, bars, gelaterias, pizzerias and restaurants are just behind your umbrella.