Living at Palazzo Pizzo

Morning sun at PP by Giorgio

Finally living at - or - in Palazzo Pizzo was great !

After all, it was an exciting, in the beginning stressful and less relaxing holiday, but with many joyful and beautiful moments at the end - thanks to our dear friends & guests at PP!

While I am now back "home" in Bangkok, still some family/friends are enjoying life at Palazzo Pizzo. My mother-in-law's cousin's wife F. is updating me with reports from PP and sent the above photo from Monday morning taken by my mother-in-law's cousin, aka her husband G.

My recent short posts I did via iPhone, since this was much faster and easier with photos than with the iPad. Now, back home at the computer, I can write more and also edit all the hundreds of photos I took. For the blog, I decided to go back in time and start writing about the more hectic period of our holiday before the first guests arrived. And then report about living at PP. But first, I have to pick and compress the photos. 

Will be back soon....