Small Update

The new old lamp is installed

Two months ago I posted the last post - and it was about this lamp. It is now installed and Angelo sent me the picture recently, since nothing was happening on my blog ...

I know, the post "summer with friends (part II)" is still missing! And now it's almost Christmas. Maybe when the post is ready I will upload it quietly with an older date - to make it fit to the season?

If you are a frequent or subscribed reader, you will know that our family has moved to Bangkok, Thailand last year. So you might also have heard about the flood in Thailand and around Bangkok. That is what kept me "busy" - at least mentally - for a couple of weeks.

We were lucky, since we live in the flood spared dry heart of the city. But nobody knew that we will stay dry. Everybody was prepared for 1m high flood allover Bangkok. We stocked up drinking water and ready to eat food, we bought candles and water filters, we had sandbags allover the place, sometimes 2m high - everyone in houses had moved furniture upstairs, and some have bought a boat, just in case. Everything was just in case and we were living from day to day, not sure if we were still able to move around the next day. But the flood kept invisible. And Bangkok people - who did not evacuate to home countries or to beach resorts - started "suffering" from invisible stress. Some started to call it "flood-burn-out".

Of course this is a joke - nothing in comparison of what all the other poor people around the dry heart of Bangkok have been suffering. The media has moved on to other subjects long ago. But there are still people flooded in Bangkok! Of course now, all the help can concentrate to dry out the last districts (before year end is target from the government).

So, I have been more on my new Bangkok blog to write about this subject that was in everybodies' heads for more than a month - the FLOOD. If you are interested come over for a visit - maybe for a dry Christmas Walk through Bangkok.

Since the holidays are approaching fast, I want to wish all my readers and supporters
 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all the best for the New Year 2012 !
Hope to see you here again next year!

decorating our Xmas tree in Bangkok
(32 degree Celsius in afternoon sun)