www.PalazzoPizzo.com is born !

Dear Readers, Followers, and Friends,

today is a very special day for several reason:

  • March 8 is International Women Day ! - La Festa delle Donne - I wish a happy day to all women around the world. This day was born in socialist and communist countries, but after so many years it is quiet well known the world over.
  • March 8 also happens to be my birthday (however, getting older is not that much fun anymore) - and although I only know one person in the whole world who shares the same date - I wish everyone who's birthday is today a very happy one!
  • And March 8 2012 is the day www.PalazzoPizzo.com is finally alive! A friend of mine blocked the Domain name for me already four years ago (Grazie Luca!)... and it took me that long to finally redirect the originally blogspot address to my own domain.
So, if you find a moment, I would be very pleased if you could change the link to my site to www.PalazzoPizzo.com - but if you don't, it does not really matter (except for the back link and PR count) since this blog remains hosted by blogger.com and the old address remains, but does not show.

Also, I hope, you like the little face lift I gave Palazzo Pizzo recently. Maybe you have not even noticed? Then it is best - like a make-up for a woman - a blog make-up should still look natural and familiar.

Looking through my photo files of last summer, I realised, once the bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms etc were done, I did not post the results. So, please look forward with me to some more Before & After posts coming soon.

All the best, have a great day wherever you are

editor and owner of Palazzo Pizzo