A Day at the Beach

According to the weather forecast, today was the last day of sunshine before a week of rain.
So, we went with the kids to the beach to enjoy the sun. There is a little nice beach at Vibo Marina called Proserpina, where we used to go in summer every day before we had the house in Pizzo.
This beach is located behind the yacht haven of Vibo Marina and has a pretty view of Pizzo in the far.
While this beach is serviced in summer with sun chairs and umbrellas and the sea is calm and shallow, ideal for kids, today it was deserted with pretty waves.

There was a family - probably from Northern Europe - their kids in bathing suits had no problem to jump in the ice cold water.

For our son and nieces, who had seen the sea for the first time in their lives here in Calabria, it was a big joy to run up and down the beach, run away from the waves and collect shells. It was a very beautiful and warm late morning.

At 1pm we cleaned sandy feet and went for a pasta at la casa della Nonna.

At the moment, I am blogging via iPhone and can upload only one pic per post. - I am probably going to add some pics later when with a real computer.

Also this time, the Internet is lousy down here in the South. If available, it's slow... We are with WIND now, last summer we had TIM. I guess this makes the difference, although we were told everybody in Calabria is with WIND - mmh?!