Our Renovation Project in The New York Times !

(...) When Susanne Crosetto and her husband, who is Italian, took a vacation to southern Italy in 2006, they were searching for a pied-à-terre with a terrace and a sea view. They ended up falling for an 18th-century palazzo.(...)
via nytimes.com 

Our renovation project and my blog are mentioned today in New York Times.com  in the Real Estate - Great Homes and Destination Section along with other expatriate blogger.

The article "Expatriate Bloggers Chronicle Details of Home Renovations" can also be found in today's print edition of the International Herald Tribune (Friday, May 4, 2012).

It is very true that this blog helped me to communicate with readers and other blogger on interior design, and to find inspiration online. Thanks for all your support !

My blog even became a "communication tool" to discuss our renovation project online with Angelo, my father in law. While he was most of the time on the construction site, we were, most of the time, thousand of miles away. Editors always cut some parts, so I am adding this here.

Since the Skype interview for this story was over a year ago, I am really excited to finally hold in hands the printed story in today's International Herald Tribune, and - wow! - how amazing to have a back link from the New York Times!

Welcome to all new readers of New York Times and IHT who are visiting this blog today!
And thanks for the mention of Palazzo Pizzo.