Upholstery for an Armchair

Or how much a husband can accelerate fabric shopping...

When I was looking for a fabric for the 7 chairs that need repair and upholstery, I also was thinking of how to upholster an old baroque armchair and a sofa.

The baroque arm chair we found at an antique shop in Vibo Valentia was actually a pair of armchairs. We did not choose the above one, but the one that was already stripped off the remaining upholstery. We were thinking of getting a bold fabric, maybe kind of Paul Smith like stripes and paint the wood with silver lacquer.  

I love to browse our Jim Thomson outlet for fabrics. And finally, I do really need fabrics for my own. (The last time I had the pleasure to bring 11 kg of JT fabric to my fashion designer friend in Beijing.) Now it was our turn! And CC wanted to join me after I already did an initial trip and brought lots of swatches home. 

Unfortunately, it was late Saturday and almost closing time. But no problem for my fast decision making husband. In only 40 (!) minutes we went through the whole shop (five floors) and found all the fabrics we needed! For 7 chairs, 1 armchair and 1 sofa. Wow.

I was happy - but also frustrated! How can he be so fast? Last time, I was there almost 2 hours, and no results ....  Well, that's why CC is probably the manager and not me. But I am in charge for the interior! ... He realized, once again, that he actually could be an interior designer - maybe next life.

And after all, it was team work ;-)  

I like my bunch of swatches, so colorful !

The top swatches are our favorites!

1) my pre-selected silk/linen mix for the dining chairs
2) CC's selected fabric for the chairs is 100% silk
3) a polyester greige (for the sofa)
3) a 100% silk fabric with orange, green, gold and turquoise threats for the arm chair

Our selection so far ... we need 13 m in total... so not such a big decision to make... and prices are great.... now I should stop blogging and start acting... in the car and to the shop!