A Rainy Day

Tonight, there was a big thunder storm. Directly above our house... at least it sounded like it. And it sounded like in a bad sound study, too loud, too much echo, unreal - but still scary! Lot's of lightening. Power failure included at some point. And lots of rain and wind from Northeast.

Usually these summer storms are heavy and short. But even now, 2 pm in the afternoon, the sky is still grey and temperature low. And laundry has to dry inside, as raindrops keep falling...

It is good for nature, it was not raining here for many weeks. They say, it has not rained since May! And I am spending a cosy and relaxed (even more relaxed than usual) day at home.

The flowers (above) are from CC, who cannot sit still at home like me, so he went to the fruit and veggie vendor. Oh, and they are not for me, they are for his mamma, to be cooked for lunch. They are zucchini blossoms and will be fried in a pan. It's an appetizer, called  fior di zucchine.

So, while CC and Angelo had to discover the countryside, I spent time with our son, playing, painting, reading, browsing the Internet, and blogging (while CC is on a mission, I can use his laptop).

I rediscovered some of my interior books, like "Italian Living", which unfortunately is not available via Amazon anymore. But I found "Italian Rustic" instead, which seems quiet interesting if you are renovating a home. No matter if in Italy or in the US, the Italian craftsmen techniques seem well explained to DIY.

I added the book to my blogroll as well as the "Bergamotto di Calabria" (Eau de Toilette) by Aqua di Parma. I am sure you can get it cheaper somewhere else than via Amazon. And maybe you prefer the other scents of the Blue Mediterraneo line better, at least they all have great names (great marketing): Mandorlo di Sicilia, Fico di Amalfi, Arancia di Capri (getting hungry?), Mirto di Panarea and last but not least Bergamotto di Calabria - a typical product of Calabria. All these scents sound and smell like sunshine and holiday! - I also love bergamotte marmalade, and latte di mandorla (almond milk), and onions from Tropea (but not as a scent!) - Mmmh, it is still raining...

I also finished a book, that I cannot recommend. In German it's called "Ein Haus in Italien" and in English "A Valley in Italy" (by Lisa St. Aubin). I bought it as I was interested in reading another house renovation story in Italy. The author is a strange woman, who for sure can write, but among others, she needs two "au pair" girls for her six year old son and a housekeeper who prepares his school bag in the morning... waste of time to say more about her attitude (if interested, read the low rated reviews on amazon). But more disappointing than her lack of parenting for me was that the lack of description of the renovation project. It was large a large project, since it was a big palazzo with almost three times more windows that we had to do. But she does not only once say something about her flooring, wall colors, tiles, how they choose a kitchen, or where she found bathroom equipment. At the end she builds a small chicken house. The only thing she seems to have been creatively involved. - Well, time for me to write about my project! ;-)

Oh, yes, I published a book already! I forgot to mention. And it is about our renovation, 2006-2012. And it was dedicated to Angelo, and his birthday present. More about it another day, promised.