Restoring the Charm of old Pizzo

new scenic piazza - in progress - in Pizzo old town

With great interest we have been following reports from Pizzo about the recent public renovation projects of the historical center, centro storico. The new major,  Sindaco Gianluca Callipo, a young motivated citizen of Pizzo sees Pizzo's potential. During the election campaign he promised - among others - to finally start long awaited projects to restore the charm of this picturesque village.

We are pleased to see, that the renovation of the alleys - an off-road car almost was necessary to pass - finally started.

uneven cement used to cover the original black lava stones for many years

Via Paladini belongs to the oldest part of Pizzo
getting messy for many months...

ο»ΏThe narrow alleys, i vichi, of  the oldest quarter of the village, Carmine, which is just in front our doorstep, will be renovated by removing all asphalt and concrete and maintaining the old original black lava stones. The areas where the original stones have been removed in the past, will be restored using old stones taken from two other streets in centro storico. To complete the work in the other streets, they will use new stones similar to those used in some parts of the Piazza della Repubblica.
the street next to Chiesa San Giorgio will get newer stones

Another project that has progressed fast, was the demolition of the old elementary school. The school and the school yard was abandoned for years. But there was never enough money to proceed with the plan to remodel this area into a public piazza with sea views over La Seggiola bay.

demolition of the yellow old school building
future scenic piazza with views over La Seggiola

I can't wait to see and feel the new "face" of Pizzo. It is all happening around our house. Some neighbours will be very happy since they gain sea view! And I am very curious to see if Pizzitani will use the new piazza - or will they remain "living" in Piazza della Repubblica, their famous "public living room"? Will only tourist sit down and enjoy the view? Will youngsters hang out their all night? Or will it end up as additional parking space?
Identita Nov 2012, page 4

Well, I trust the team around Gianluca Callipo as they have a passion for art and culture. The actual restoration is a huge improvement for all inhabitants and visitors of the centro storico, especially in the old quarter Carmine. It is giving back the charm to Pizzo, as titels the newspaper Identita (Nov. 2012): "Partiti i lavori per restituire fascino al centro storico di Pizzo"!

Photo source credit: Angelo C. - Grazie for the update!

Update: Progress of street pavement in April and June 2013